Why Are My Balls Dry and Wrinkled? A Common Issue With A Simple Solution!

Some things in life age like fine wine. On the other end of the spectrum are things that simply stay consistent in terms of texture through years of self improvement such as a change in diet and lifestyle.

A common issue that men try to work past as they get older is suffering from dry and wrinkly balls, which arises due to a handful of reasons. This completely normal concern can also be resolved and subsided in multiple ways; a subject that will be covered later on in this article.

Moving on, in this article, our main agenda is to assist those that are wondering why their balls are dry and wrinkled. We will do so by carrying out a deep rewind on how this issue commonly occurs, when the issue is completely normal, and when one should seek immediate assistance for having saggy testicles. In addition to the materials mentioned in the previous statement, we will also provide all the natural remedies and available treatment options that one could look into to minimize the negatives of having dry and wrinkly balls indefinitely.

But before all that, let’s take a deep dive into the reasons that make one a victim to dry and wrinkly balls.

The Core Causes Of Dry and Wrinkled Testicles

Causes Of Dry and Wrinkled Testicles

When all is said and done, there are multiple factors, severe and minor, why your balls might be dry and wrinkled. Additionally, the causes might not even be as concerning as they seem. From having an underlying skin condition to the climate of the environment you’re in, here are all the known components that could be causing your gonads to age drastically and change in terms of visuals.


Just like the quote “Looks eventually fade, but the soul remains the same,” the primary cause of having dry and wrinkled balls could have something to do with aging. As we grow older, the size of our scrotum tends to have the same amount of size as it did in the beginning, but the layers around it might change drastically as we pass each decade. However, on the bright side, even though it could leave a dent on your self-esteem, this issue isn’t a topic of concern and is completely normal, unless you’re experiencing soreness around the area.

Weather Condition

Similarly to aging, the weather condition of the region you’re in can also be the reason why your testicles have aged like milk. For example, when the temperature is low, certain body parts that we have, including one’s testicles, tend to shrink in order to retain heat. This could result in a change in the visuals of your scrotum area, making it look more saggy, compact, and dry than usual.

Scrotal Eczema

If the previously mentioned factors don’t seem to mesh with your current situation, perhaps the wrinkly situation is not as minor as it seems.

Scrotal eczema is a skin condition that causes your genitals to form layers of dry, patchy, and wrinkly skin around it, especially around the rocks. Apart from looking dehydrated, the genitals also become irritated and itchy due to the severity of the condition. In some cases, the area might also form sores and patches that might bleed every now and then.

Balls Scrotal Eczema

Additionally, there are loads of early signs and symptoms that one can look out for before seeking assistance to recuperate from scrotal eczema. Besides testicular discomfort, an evident indication of scrotal eczema may be discolored skin and blisters around the genitals as well as the rear end.

Fortunately, however, there are loads of affordable medication that one can get access to in order to reduce the negatives of this disease. While over-the-counter meds are extremely effective, the most effective remedy for controlling and eliminating scrotal eczema are steroids or steroid creams.

Natural Remedies To Fight Back Against Wrinkled and Dry Balls

If you’re not seeing signs and symptoms of scrotal eczema, perhaps you should just cancel your doctor’s appointment, as your case might be minor. There are also loads of natural remedies that you can find at home and utilize effectively to reduce the dryness and control the wrinkled texture of your balls.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

A staple amongst skincare routines, aloe vera is mostly prominent for soothing one’s skin and for its antibacterial properties. The liquidy yet somewhat gooey gel can also work wonders for improving the condition of one’s genital, it seems!  Using it on a regular basis can prevent itchiness, and also smoothen out any cracks and layers of wrinkled skin present on the genitals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

While most of us keep apple cider vinegar in our refrigerators to kick start a weight loss journey, if your testicles are changing in terms of texture and you’re not too fond of it, control the outcome and prevent inducing further damage by applying a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. With regular use, the appearance of your nutsack will go from looking dry and dehydrated to looking moisturized and healthy.

A Lukewarm Wash

If you don’t have any of the previously mentioned resources to defend your balls from dryness and wrinkly spots, turn the geyser on and wash your worries away with a lukewarm bath!

Even though cold showers release testosterone and showering with hot water can surely feel peaceful when it’s cold outside, taking a lukewarm bath will allow your skin, as well as your testicles, to retain a certain amount of natural oils, which is compulsory for preventing oneself from having dry and dehydrated skin.

Oatmeal Lotion

Oatmeal Lotion

Complex carbs like oatmeal surely come in handy if you’re trying to eat healthy, however, another benefit of it which is often underappreciated is that it can make your skin better in the long run. Even though one can surely make a diy oatmeal lotion at home, one can easily save that time by purchasing colloidal oatmeal lotion from drugstores and online platforms such as amazon.

Using just a dime sized amount of the formula on the regular will drastically improve the outlook of your scrotum in a matter of days!

How To Control The Adverse Effects of Wrinkled and Dry Balls In The Long Run

Control The Effects Of Wrinkled And Dry Balls

On top of using natural remedies, there are loads of methods and changes you can make to your current regime to minimize the repercussions and improve the appearance of the skin present in your scrotum region. The most effective techniques that can help one with achieving optimal results are placed right below this portion, so make sure to skim through them carefully!

Hydration Is Key

An easy lifehack to age effortlessly can be achieved by drinking adequate amounts of water everyday. Failing to do so will not just bring to the table minor issues such as headaches, but also deteriorate the appearance of your skin and make it appear more wrinkly as a result.

Sweat It Out

Working out every other day will also release stress hormones; a chemical that also speeds up aging. One can either do cardio to break a sweat, or can even do strength training to obtain desirable results. The training sessions don’t necessarily have to be lengthy, however, each workout should last for at least 20 minutes if you want to achieve results that are noticeable.

Cut Down On Substance Abuse

Keep your skin in check for a longer period of time by reducing your intake of alcohol and limiting the amount of cigarettes you smoke on the regular. Although accessible, consuming heavy amounts of alcohol in addition to smoking tends to dehydrate one’s skin. Therefore, as enjoyable as the activities might be, make sure to put a limit on yourself the next time you have a night out with friends.

Incorporate a Healthy Diet

They say that you are what you eat, and we couldn’t agree more with that remark. Indeed, while the other entries on this list will surely allow you to see effective results, following a clean diet will perhaps take your progress to another level. Consuming complex carbs, whole grains, lean sources of protein and leafy greens will smoothen the appearance of your testicles in a much better, clearer, and more effective manner than anything else as you grow older.

Don’t Stay In The Sun For Too Long

Vitamin D is for sure good for your skin, but staying under the sun for a substantial period of time on the regular will make things worse for you, and your scrotum.

Even though vitamin D does protect one’s skin when it’s exposed to the sun for 20 plus minutes everyday, the UV rays of the sun can be deadly if exposed to on an unhealthy basis and can even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, make sure to apply tons of sunscreen to protect your skin and get rid of the wrinkles on your gonads.

Frequently Asked Questions

If skimming through the former materials were effective but weren’t enough to cater to your needs, we hope this Q&A section regarding the issue of having dry and wrinkled balls does the trick!

Question: Can I permanently get rid of my dry and wrinkled balls?

Answer: Having wrinkled testicles could be a minor issue to many, but if it’s hampering your self-esteem and self confidence, you can always look into the procedure of scrotoplasty or even consider getting a scrotal reduction; both of which reduce the amount of excessive saggy skin around the scrotum. Both procedures usually don’t require an additional day for observation and can take up to 60 minutes for completion.

Question: Why are my balls wrinkly and dry after I step out of the shower?  

Answer: Having dried up and wrinkly looking testicles after staying in the shower for a long time is a very normal scenario. When the scrotum is exposed to water, it either shrinks in size or stays the same depending on the temperature of the water it’s exposed to. It commonly shrinks when the user showers under cold water, but goes back to its normal size once it is all dried up.

Closing Statement

All in all, we hope this article has what it takes to relieve all your concerns. Even though it could be a scary sight at times, testicles do dry up with age and become wrinkly as a result. It can also be controlled through the use of moisturizers and can further be improved by incorporating a lifestyle that is active and comprises a healthy diet.

Additionally, one can also control the outcome by using over-the-counter medication. However, if the case is severe and the scrotum area is shedding layers of skin as well as bleeding from time to time, seeking immediate medical assistance might be compulsory.

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