What Happens If You Cut Your Balls With A Razor? Common Manscaping Injury Explained!

Regardless of how sincere and careful one might be when partaking in the act of manscaping, getting injured is inevitable. While it could be due to their restless technique, a contributing factor to the injury could be the vulnerability of the area in general.

The genital area, especially the surface around the testicles, are prone to injury not only because of how narrow they are, but also because of the thin layer of skin that covers it. This is why loads of people not only should use the right technique, but also use the right equipment.

However, although there are right accessories on the market, a majority of them might seem inaccessible or unaffordable to many. That’s when they make the forbidden move of taking up a razor to give their beans a “quick shave”, and cut themselves instead, which is a scenario that is definitely considered to be one’s worst nightmare.

Furthermore, if you’ve committed the heinous move already, and are desperately seeking a way out for yourself and your beans, then you’ve come to the right place!

This article of ours highlights everything that occurs when you cut your balls with a razor. From revealing the reasons to why it may have occurred in the first place to dropping an aftercare routine, make sure to stick around and follow on until the end. Not only will this write-up ease your mind, but it will allow you to have a better stance at shaving your gonads by the time you’re done.

The Aftermath Of Injuring Your Balls with A Razor

Aftermath Of Injuring Balls with A Razor

There’s a saying that goes like “No pain, no gain”. However, we can’t really apply that here. The bruise that you receive after nicking your balls with a razor will be unbearably painful with zero benefits.

When it comes to the type of injury, one will either receive a nick that is minor or severe.

A minor cut would be a bruise that won’t be as difficult to deal with and won’t come with a time-consuming process for cleaning up. A nick could be the perfect example. As it only stings and doesn’t tend to bleed as much, one can expect the consequences of a minor cut to go away gradually without requiring medical attention from a paramedic or specialist.

On the other hand, if the bruise is bleeding profusely and aching tremendously, the gash is considered to be a severe injury. Apart from having a careful clean up process, it will bring to the table an unprecedented amount of pain, and will stay back for quite some time. One might also need to apply over the counter medication to soothe the soreness of the outcome, and might also require medical attention if the gash is deep enough to require stitches.

To sum it all up, while both the scenarios will affect an individual differently, at the end of the day, both scenarios will definitely bring to the table an unholy amount of discomfort. Make sure to be a bit more careful next time. Keep some of the accessible remedies near your grooming tools so that you can use them if things go south again.

Furthermore, if you still can’t seem to get a grip on how your testicles obtained this bruise, perhaps you’d want to check out the segment mentioned below to resolve that query.

Primary Reasons To Having Bruised Beans When Using A Razor

While the outcome remains the same, there are loads of reasons behind a botched procedure. It could be as minimal as the equipment, or as substantial as the stroking method that was used. Regardless, here are the primary reasons why things didn’t pan out in your favor when you used a razor.

You Probably Used An Old Razor

Ball Shaving With Old Razor

Despite how powerful the gravity of the saying is, the phrase “old is gold” can’t be applied to your razor, unfortunately. If you don’t switch your blade on the regular and have sensitive skin, then you should have seen this coming.

When making contact with the skin, a dull razor tends to not only be ineffective, but also increases the risk of infection. It also creates cuts and nicks that are often gone unnoticed, and tends to spread bacteria to the layer of skin it’s used on.

Therefore, if you thought using an old reliable blade would help your tea bags with looking clean, this is your sign to let the tool go. Replace it with a fresh razor. Save your scrotum and yourself from the unbearable pain of using a dull blade.

You Used The Wrong Technique

Wrong Ball Shaving Technique

The scrotum is a very tender area and should be shaved with care. However, if you didn’t take that into account, and used the same shaving method that you do when grooming other body parts, maybe the reason behind the injury lies behind the core of your technique.

When shaving the nutsack, one should always use a platform and place one of their legs on there to have a better view of the scrotum. They should then use their supporting hand to pull up the skin of the scrotum. Not only will that minimize the risk of injuries, but it will also make it easier for the razor to glide past the surface without a care, making the procedure time-friendly as a result.

Additionally, if your schedule doesn’t allow time to be your friend, plan things ahead. Find a day on which your schedule is clear, and utilize that time to clean your beans.

Clean the area beforehand and apply shaving foam or gel to build a defensive wall. Take it one stroke at a time. Conclude the session by rinsing it with cool water and apply a handful of aftershave lotion to prevent razor bumps.

Treating A Scrotal Injury Endured By A Razor

Treating A Scrotal Injury Endured By A Razor

If you’ve just made yourself a victim of a botched procedure, don’t just sit there and watch your beans spill. Take steps that will allow you to have more control on the outcome.

Cover the fresh wound up with a piece of tissue paper immediately to mop up the blood that is leaking and to stop the bleeding indefinitely. Refrain from taking breaks and apply direct pressure to the scab for 3-5 minutes each time until the area becomes dried out.

Once you’ve stopped bleeding out, apply some water to the gash and use soap to clean the area. While it will sting a bit, using soap will not only clean the wound, but also eliminate the chances of infection. Avoid using products with alcohol to clean the area, as it will irritate the wound, delaying the healing process as a result.

On the other hand, if the nick is still bleeding a bit every now and then, cover the area with tissue paper and carry on. While the use of band-aid will keep the area in check, the breathability of the area will decrease if a band-aid is used, which will probably cause more discomfort.

Additionally, if you see any symptoms of an infection and suffer from persistent discomfort, seek the assistance of a doctor to get access to useful medication. While the journey of going to the doctor’s will be anything but pleasant, we believe that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


It’s highly likely that we’ve provided everything one needs to know about the events that come to existence when one cuts their beans with a razor and how they can mitigate the severity of each scenario. However, apart from the remedies, there are loads of other questions that might arrive if you’re in that scenario.

Therefore, to take a bit more off your plate, listed below are some questions regarding manscaping that we’ve added and solved sincerely. We hope you skim through them, since doing so will allow you to have a better understanding of the art that lies within the activity of shaving your scrotum.

Question: How long will it take for my testicles to heal?

Answer: According to studies, it takes around 6-8 weeks for a scrotal injury to heal completely. However, the answer to that may vary.

In the end, the severity of your injury will shape up the timeframe of the recovery process.

For instance, if your injury involves nothing but a nick or a series of small cuts, perhaps it will take around 6-8 weeks for the wound to relieve itself of the soreness and rebuild the lost layer of skin.

On the other hand, if your cut is as deep as a gash, you might need stitches to kick start the healing process.

Stitches will not only stop the loss of blood one will have to endure, but will also ensure a safe method for the lost skin to redevelop.

On an average, it takes 2-3 weeks for the stitches to dissolve, but the healing process might last for at least 4 months after the stitches are obtained depending on the sensitivity of the victim’s skin.

Question: How should I shave my balls if I’m too afraid to do it myself?

Answer:  If you’re too afraid of using a razor and shedding the excessive amount of bush down there, ask your significant other to help you out.

Additionally, if you don’t support using a razor for manscaping, you may want to look at this article. It contains all the alternative equipment one can use to remove their ball hair, and also comes with a list of steps one can follow to achieve optimal results with ZERO drawbacks.


And that’s a wrap, folks! We hope you now have a better understanding of what you should and shouldn’t do if your family jewels are bleeding out. Remember that every problem has a solution, and for treating a scrotal injury, the solution is to either treat it yourself if it’s minor, and seek a doctor when it’s major.

Additionally, if you have never shaved the bush that covers your scrotum, and this happens to be your first time, make sure to check out our article on the act of shaving your balls. Apart from containing a proper technique, the write-up contains various methods one could consider if they’re not the biggest fan of using a razor to trim the hair “down there”.

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