Wahl Magic vs. Senior vs. Legend: Which Model Should Be Your Pick?

A handy tool that rose to prominence in the haircutting industry and later bloomed in the world of male grooming is hair clipper. In addition to offering time-friendly sessions and sharp accuracy, the reason that clippers are so popular lies behind their versatility.

Since most popular hairstyles these days have the involvement of a fade haircut somewhere in between the process, having a good quality clipper is compulsory if you want to obtain a successful outcome for yourself and help your clients feel more confident than ever. And if you can’t think of a reliable brand to place your trust in, let us present to you Wahl.

US based company Wahl may not be renowned for producing hairstyling tools since they have yet to manufacture them, but when it comes to hair clippers, they are most definitely one of the leading brands out there. Although Wahl has released a series of products for shaving, trimming, hair cutting and massaging, their multipurpose hair clippers tend to stand out the most when all their products are shoved inside the same box.

When ranked accordingly, three hair clippers that hover around the top 3 spots are the Senior, Legend, and Magic Clip. Due to being three promising models from the same brand, the three devices have loads of properties in common. However, when they square off in a triple-threat match, only one of them leaves the premises as the victor! From rating their performance to assessing their distinct features, here are all the measures we took before selecting our winner between Wahl Magic vs. Senior vs. Legend!

Wahl Magic vs. Senior vs. Legend : Series Overview

Now that you’ve learned all about the major elements regarding the Wahl Senior, Legend, and Magic Clip, the only thing stopping you from purchasing one of them could very well be your indecisive mind. Since all three of them are immensely diverse as opposed to each other, feeling conflicted when taking your pick could be a common scenario to be in. And if that seems to be the case for you as well, consider getting a glimpse at the table below, which will give you a thorough recap on each model’s key features, groundwork, battery life, and attachments!

ModelSeniorLegendMagic Clip
Blade TypeAdjustable 0000 Blade Technology“Crunch” Blade TechnologyStagger Tooth Blade
Best forOn Scalp Tapers, Precision FadesFading and Soft BlendsSmooth Blended Fades
Battery Life and Running Time70 Minutes60 Minutes100 minutes
DesignErgonomic Build; BlackStockyFine Grip
Weight0.36 kg0.4 kg0.29kg
Attachments3 Premium Guides8 Attachments8 Attachments
Key FeaturesAdvanced blade for coarse hair; Ergonomic design, High power motorFast motor; Crunch blade technology; Good for blunt cuts; Deep tooth wedge bladeLightweight; Durable; Exceptional running time; Staggering tooth blade technology
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Wahl Professional 5 Star Senior

Wahl Professional 5 Star Senior

Wahl’s Professional 5 Star Senior is definitely a cut above the rest with its advanced blade technology which brings forward the best skin tapers and carries out the most precise version of bald fades. The ergonomically developed clipper contains a high power motor which allows it to glide past the scalp without an issue, and also tends to last long due to its Li-Ion battery, which enables the device to run for 70 minutes straight.

In addition to being able to give the next best cut to a sharp fade, the clipper feels extremely homely in the hand, and can transform the hair like none other with the help of its premium guides.

While the Senior caters to all hair types, the blades tend to shine out the most when they’re employed to remove strands of extremely coarse hair.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5 Start Magic Clip

The Magic Clip is definitely the middle-man in Wahl’s 5 Star series with its seamless blending results and rotary motor. It is also the lightest piece of equipment in the bout, and can smoothly remove hair in bulk with its effortless navigation.

Battery life is hardly ever an issue when the Magic Clip is thrown into the mix, as it can run for an impressive amount of time of 100 minutes without interval. Although this product can work wonders for those that are seeking a maintenance cut, it can also help those in an awkward stage by creating a neat fade using its 0.5 mm range.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend

Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend

The Wahl Legend is what we like to call the old soul amongst the series. The crunch blade technology of it can be used to give the best clean up possible, but can also be used to give exceptional blunt cuts when paired with one of the 8 comb cutting guides.

Despite being heavy in size, the Legend is known for having a fast motor which can give rapid results over the span of a couple of minutes. As opposed to the other two models, the Legend is also the most inexpensive, making it a great purchase for those that are seeking a budget-friendly option!

Wahl Magic vs. Senior vs. Legend: Picking A Winner By Analysing Their Differences and Similarities

If you’ve skimmed through the previous segment, we reckon you know just how beneficial each product could be for professional use and how sublime it could be at home. While all three of them hold up the prestigious brand image of Wahl incredibly, and bring forward exceptional hair transformations when implemented, there are tons of dissimilar traits that lie between Wahl’s Magic Clip, Legend, and Senior regarding its mechanics, design, price tag, and packaging as well! And if you’re curious to learn just how different they are from one another, don’t forget to read through the subsequent paragraphs!

The Senior Wins Technological Blade Type Aspects

Technological Aspects: Blade Type, Motor, and Zero Gap Range

Performance-wise, all three of them managed to blow me away with their distinct blade types, efficiently operated motors, and zero gap range.

The Senior stood out the most with its advanced adjustable blade technology which brought to the table effortless taper fades and precision fades. The motor of it also seemed more powerful and wiped away strands of hair almost instantly. Additionally, in contrast to the other two, the zero gap range was also much closer, ranging from 0 to 1.2mm, which is perfect for skin fades and tight tapers.

Moreover, in second place was the Magic Clip with its rotary motor. While the results it brought forward weren’t as promising as that of the Senior, the Magic Clip did mesmerise me with its ability to remove the hair in bulk, which was solely existent due to its exceptional motor. I found it rather helpful when creating blends, but found it even better when I was asked to remove an exorbitant amount of dense hair for textured cuts.

In last place was the Legend with its crunch blade technology and deep tooth wedge blade. When in use, the sharpness of the blade was rather evident at all times, and even created decent blends and soft fades. The zero gap range it had did seem to be an issue when creating tight and sharp fades and tapers, but stood out exceptionally when my clients asked for a clean up!

Wahl Legend Design, Visuals and Weight

Design: Visuals, and Weight

The hardware of each model was also made of different materials and all three of them came in a different colour scheme.

The Magic Clip comprises a bright red hue all around the device, but is extremely light in the palms and runs a bit compact in size. In contrast to the other two, the Magic Clip definitely feels more comfortable in the hand when getting rid of tons of hair, as it only weighs around 0.29 kgs. Due to the sublime grip, using the Wahl Magic Clip is also rather time-friendly and fun due to the freedom it gives me.

On the other hand, the Senior comprises an ergonomic build which looks and feels more premium out of all three. It comprises a concentrated neutral colour scheme of black, and seems just as comfortable in the hand as the Magic Clip when put to use. However, despite having a more desirable groundwork, the Senior could feel heavier than the former, mainly due to its powerful motor.

Moreover, the Wahl Legend is rather soothing on the eyes with its jarring colour scheme of scarlet red, but tends to run a bit bulky despite being slim. The reason behind the additional weight could be existent due to its crunch blade technology and deep tooth wedge blade, which is powered by a considerably fast motor!

Battery Life and Running Time

Regardless of how different they are in terms of visuals and mechanics, one thing that all three of them contain is an exceptional battery life.

Despite having a fast motor that requires tons of power to run, the Legend has an impressive running time of 60 minutes, which can be more than enough for creating a flawless fade at least 3 times if you’re experienced enough, and can be utilised to give multiple clean up cuts without an issue.

As opposed to the Legend, the Senior is definitely the better counterpart when the battery life is thrown into the equation. While the purpose of the two blades are extremely different from one another, the Senior beats the Legend by 10 minutes when it comes to running without interval, as it can serve you for 70 long minutes after reaching a full battery!

The most reliable candidate out of the three which offers the best battery life, however, is the Magic Clip, which can run for an impressive duration of 100 minutes! This can be great for you if you’re a newbie who’s learning how to cut their own hair, but can also be a great plus point to take into account if you’d like to opt for the most weightless option out of the three in this bout.

Inside The Wahl Clipper Box

Additional Features: What’s Inside The Box?

Once I opened the packaging of the three Wahl models, I found the same series of equipment inside the boxes of the Legend and Magic Clip. Each box contained 8 attachments for the clipper; each of which catered to a different scenario. Alongside the comb guides was a cleaning brush, a clipper blade oil, and documentation.

On the other hand, although the senior did comprise less in terms of quantity, the packaging contained 3 premium hair guides instead of the 8 comb cutting attachments, as well as the accessories needed for cleaning the pieces of hair, blade, and documentation needed for guidance.

Price Tag

To really obtain the best possible results, you might have to spend a bit more than you’re hoping to; which perfectly sums up this segment alone.

Since the Wahl Senior is made of better materials, comprises a more advanced blade technology, can trim more due to its zero gap range, and has 3 premium guides with an impressive battery life, it is the most expensive clipper in this bout. And although many will definitely be able to reason with its price tag, the item could still be ineligible for some users due to having a moderate budget.

As opposed to the Senior, the Magic Clip is definitely a bit more lenient in terms of price, and can definitely be a great candidate to take into consideration if you’re working around a budget with enough rope. Its lightweight feel and precise blending results can also be two more great incentives to look forward to if you end up investing in this product. However, regardless of how many desirable aspects it has, the price tag fails to be one of them.

This is because the bulky yet slim build of the Wahl Legend isn’t just sufficient for obtaining a clean-up, but also offers the best possible price amongst the trio. In fact, even if your budget is as tight as it gets, you can still purchase the Legend easily, which currently stands at a price of under $90!

Bottom Line: Can’t Go Wrong With The Wahl Senior! 

When push comes to shove, all three of the Wahl models can be a great addition to your arsenal, regardless of whether it’s for personal use or professional use. While all three of them feel different in the hand due to their weight differences, and comprise different sets of materials for the groundwork, the trio can solve any hair problem with ease due to their battery life.

However, for its ergonomically developed build, impressive running time of 70 minutes, advanced blade technology, and premium quality attachments, the Wahl Senior is the best amongst the big three, and our recommended pick in this triple-threat bout!

Additionally, while the Senior was easier to side with for us due to having better hardware and its relatively impressive mechanics, many might find the device unappealing when the price is thrown into the mix. Indeed, despite having the edge over the other two in most elements, the Wahl Senior does lose a significant amount of points due to its relatively expensive value.

Worry not, however, since the Legend can also be an exceptional gadget to invest in if your main goal is to obtain and provide a simple clean up to your clients. When put in the same pool as the other two, the Legend is also the most affordable model, which can be another incentive to look forward to!

On another note, if you’re seeking a model that will hand out an exceptional running time with the help of its Li-Ion battery and rotary motor, but will also leave you in awe with its ability to create seamless blends, the Wahl Magic Clip should definitely be your first choice amongst the three!

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