Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Vs. Gold Vs. Silver: Selecting The Dominant Device Within The Trio!

As we grow older, finding multiple hair strands stuck onto our pillowcase could be a common find. While it often turns out to be shedding season, it could be extremely hard to come to terms with the hair loss when the clumps of hair lost don’t grow back. And although reaching out to a professional for a cosmetic surgery like hair transplant could be a solution that might hover your mind, shaving the head could also be a good move to resort to due to its accessibility and affordability.

To obtain best results when shaving the head, using a top-notch quality head shaver is absolutely mandatory. While using a manual razor could be sufficient for obtaining a clean head shave in the short run, the Pitbull Skull Shaver could be a promising prospect to look into if you’re searching for a companion that will serve you for an extensive period of time.

At the moment, it’s safe to say that Skull Shaver is undoubtedly one of the most prominent brands amongst the grooming scene. In addition to having the technological means to provide users with a perfectly shaven-head, the models of Skull Shaver are renowned for being easy to use, having a good battery life, and so on.

Amongst all the head shavers that Skull Shaver have produced so far, the Pitbull Silver, Gold, and Platinum are easily the frontrunners. Additionally if you’re desperately looking for a way to replace your existing head shaver and searching for a piece of equipment that will give you the closest thing to a perfectly shaved head, stick around as we unveil to you the potential of the Pitbull Silver Pro, Gold Pro, and Platinum Pro, and reveal the best pick out of the ultimate trio!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Vs. Gold Vs. Silver : Summary Table

If you’ve come this far, we hope you know just how different the Pitbull Platinum, Gold, and Silver are from one another despite being cut from the same cloth. However, taking into account how much we’ve covered, finding the former content a bit too lengthy is nothing out of the ordinary.

In fact, if you believed that the previous portion was too wordy to read through, keep up with us in an easier way! Check out the table below, which features all the key differences and major attributes that the Pitbull Platinum, Gold, and Silver bring to the table!

ModelSilverGold Platinum
BladeCarver ProForte ProForte Pro
Battery 600 mAh1400 mAh1400 mAh
Running Time30 Minutes90 Minutes90 Minutes
LED Display For BatteryAvailableAvailableAvailable
Water Resistant YesYesYes
Travel LockNoneNoneYes; Press and Hold Power Button
Cleaning DockNoNoYes
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

Get Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver at Amazon

The Pitbull Silver is the most convenient option to take into consideration if your budget is relatively low. The Carver PRO blade it comprises is easy-to-use and uses its independent set of blades to remove very coarse hair in a jiffy.

The Li-Ion battery it’s made of is also quite reasonable for its price, as it can run without interval for 30 minutes straight. Although the duration could be rookie numbers in contrast to that of its opponents, the time-frame should be sufficient if you’ve got enough experience in shaving. The LED indicator will also come in handy if you lose track of time, as it will send signals when the device is running low on charge.

In addition to providing users with an accessible grip at a convenient value, the Pitbull Silver also comes with a 1 year warranty, a USB charging cable, and replacement blades that will give your scalp a quick shave without bringing forward any injuries.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold

Get Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold at Amazon

A slightly higher budget can really change everything at times. Likewise, if you increase your budget by a slight amount, you can easily replace your desire of getting the Pitbull Silver with the Gold Pro, which has the edge over its predecessor in multiple ways.

The Pitbull Gold brings to the table a longer shaving duration due to its 1400 mAh Li-Ion battery, which is capable of serving the users for 90 whole minutes without a break.

It also comprises a different set of blades, known as the Forte PRO, which have been proven to be more effective at removing hair strands at a faster rate than the Carver, and is also quite likeable as it caters to all hair types.

Although all three of them comprise an LED display on top, the groundwork of it is slightly different on the Gold, which typically reveals the battery life in numerical digits instead of using a series of lights.

Similar to most of the models in the Pitbull series, the Gold comes with a USB charging cable, extra sets of blades, and offers users a 1 year warranty.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum

Get Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum at Amazon

The Pitbull Platinum is definitely considered to be one of the flagship models of Skull Shaver just like the Platinum Gold in some instances, but definitely sweeps consumers off their feet with all the traits that it brings to the table.

The 1400 mAh battery of the Platinum can serve you during crunch time and more with its extraordinary battery life, which can operate for 90 minutes at a time. The model even has an LED display that monitors the battery life, which can surely serve its purpose if you’re below mediocre at multitasking.

Just like the Pitbull Gold, the Pitbull Platinum eliminates hair with the Forte PRO blading head, which caters to thin hair as well as coarse hair. With the efficiency of the blades and the groundwork of the device, users may also unlock a shaving experience that is seamless.

Although the price tag of the Pitbull Platinum can raise the brows of many, the reason behind it lies within its packaging. In contrast to the other models, the Platinum offers a cleaning dock, and a travel case. It also earns tons of brownie points with its new travel-lock feature, which can be implemented with the button right above the LED battery indicator.

Pitbull Silver vs. Gold vs. Platinum: Unveiling Their Differences And Similarities Before Picking A Winner

Since all three of them belong to the same brand, you might notice the massive amount of features that they have in common, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, despite being extremely powerful and beneficial tools when shaving heads, one of the contenders within the trio takes the crown at the end of the bout, especially when every attribute is thrown into the mix.

So, without further ado, here are all the differences between Pitbull Silver vs. Gold vs. Platinum that can prove to be crucial when taking your pick, and all the similarities that can bring forward a win-win-win situation!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Build Quality and Performance

Build and Performance

When it comes to the design, all of them are virtually identical, but are draped in different paint jobs to create a subtle separation. While all of them contain an LED display that provides users updates on the battery, the Platinum comes with an additional button for the travel-lock feature on the top left corner of the screen, which is non-existent in the other two models.

Additionally, when in use, the expected outcome could also be slightly different, mainly due to the difference in the quality and attributes of their blades.

The Pitbull Silver incorporates a Carver PRO blade to get rid of hair strands. The blade, while surprisingly efficient on most hair types, only caters to those with coarse hair. In certain cases, it also feels a bit more rugged on the scalp, which can cause irritation, bumps, and nicks.

On the contrary, both the Platinum and Gold are made of Forte Pro, a blade that is a bit more generous on the skin due to its seamless structure, and caters to all hair types. As opposed to a Carver PRO, the Forte PRO is known to be 20 % more effective at removing hair strands from all areas, giving the Forte PRO the match point in this category.

Exceptional Battery Life

When push comes to shove, the trio of Pitbull Platinum, Gold, and Silver can be an excellent tool to count on for lengthy shaving sessions. However, the running time on each model often separates the options from one another.

Since the Silver comes with a slightly less effective Li-Ion battery, it offers a running time of 30 minutes at most. The duration of the battery life could prove to be more than enough for a quick shave for most, but could prove to be difficult to deal with if you’re new to using such gadgets and want to obtain a cleanly shaven head without pulls and tugs.

In comparison, both the Pitbull Gold and Platinum are more reliable for extensively lengthy shaving sessions. They both contain the same Li-Ion battery which is significantly more efficient than that of the Silver, and provide users with a running time of 90 minutes! 

Significantly Different Price Tags

When it comes to value, the Silver can fascinate those with a moderate budget. Since it isn’t as efficient in terms of battery life as opposed to its opponents in this bout, and also comprises slightly different blades that aren’t as friendly on all skin types, the current value, which stands at $104, is very much justified.

In second place is the Gold, which is slightly more expensive than the Silver Pro, and is valued around $124 at the moment. While the Gold has the same build as the Silver Pro, it is substantially more efficient when in use due to its exceptional running time of 90 minutes, which is only existent due to its Li-Ion battery. The Forte PRO blades that it contains is also more skin-friendly and capable of removing more follicles than the Silver model, making its price tag rather worthwhile.

Lastly, despite having multiple traits in common with the Gold, the Platinum is significantly more costly than the other two models, and might require you to spend a little over $219 if you buy it online. The reason behind its dramatically different price tag is due to the travel lock feature, the travel case it comes with, and the cleaning dock that it offers to consumers; all of which have been covered in the segment below!

Additional Bonuses On The Platinum Pro: Travel Lock Feature, Travel Case, Cleaning Dock

Additional Bonuses on the Platinum Pro

The huge difference between the price tag of each product probably won’t leave you baffled if you’re already invested in head shavers, but could be difficult to fathom if you’re a newcomer.

The Platinum is miles better than the Silver in various ways, but is extremely similar to the Gold in terms of performance due to the similarities in their battery life, running time, blades, and more. And while users will obtain the same outcome when they shave their head with the Platinum or Gold, the Platinum could be the better option to resort to in the long run due to the list of accessories that it offers.

Inside the packaging of the Platinum, you’ll find a cleaning dock that will cleanse your shaver in no time, and a travel pouch to make every trip easier; both of which you won’t receive with Gold nor Silver.

Travelling will only be challenging in theory if you purchase the Pitbull Platinum, as the travel lock feature above the LED display will allow your gadget to fit into a congested luggage without turning on and draining out unintentionally!

Warranty Period

When it comes to warranty, the Platinum has the edge over the other two candidates once again. More often than not, users obtain a warranty period of 2 years when siding with the Platinum PRO, which can be a good incentive to look into if you’re seeking to make a long-term investment.

On the other hand, both Gold and Silver offer users with a 1 year warranty, which isn’t too bad either! In fact, if you’re not as clumsy with a head shaver and aren’t looking forward to spending big to make changes to your social life, siding with a Gold or Silver could be understandable.

Final Takeaway: Platinum, Gold, and Silver

With all the promising attributes that the Pitbull models contain, it is safe to say that investing in either one of the three will surely change your life for the better in various ways. However, despite the expensive price tag, the Pitbull Platinum is definitely the king of the hill, and without a doubt our recommended pick amongst the trio.

In addition to providing a running time of 90 minutes, the Platinum will woo you with its straightforward travel lock feature, the promising efficiency of the Forte PRO blade, its compatibility and water resistant abilities. For a slightly higher price, the Platinum will also mesmerise you with a hassle-free cleaning dock, and a durable travel case.

Furthermore, if you find the additional pieces of equipment of the unbeatable Pitbull Platinum rather unnecessary, you should definitely side with the Pitbull Gold, which can give you the same outcome with its Forte PRO blades and battery life at a slightly reasonable price.

However, if you render yourself ineligible of buying the former options due to the budget, and have yet to gain experience at giving your head a clean shave, save a minor portion from your savings and start your journey today with the Pitbull Silver Pro, which will serve you with a reasonable time of 30 minutes, and successfully abolish your coarse pieces of hair with its Carver PRO blade!

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