Philips OneBlade Vs. OneBlade Pro: Is It Really Worth The Upgrade?

In a world full of top-notch quality razors and trimmers, Philips is easily one of the leading frontrunners.

On top of guaranteeing great results, the pieces of equipment that Philips has manufactured so far are also known for being skin friendly, dependable, and long-lasting. In most cases, the price tag is also known for being one of the better positives.

Amongst some of the best models that Philips has released in recent years, two promising contenders are the Philips OneBlade and Philips OneBlade Pro.

Alongside enabling users to trim, clean, and eliminate their facial hair in a safe and sound manner, the two trimmers are also praised for how versatile they are, and how portable they can be when travelling. And although both items are years apart from one another, they share tons of features mutually. However, despite sharing a fair amount of common ground, one of them comes out the winner when both are thrown into a bout. Long story short, here’s everything that you need to know about the matchup of the Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro!

Overview: Philips OneBlade Pro Vs. OneBlade Pro

Now that you’ve been provided with the most crucial differences between the OneBlade and the OneBlade Pro, and have also gotten a glimpse of all the promising aspects that they mutually share, we’re sure the decision making should be easier than ever to carry out. However, if you lost your train of thought multiple times when skimming through this write-up, don’t forget to skim through the table below for a thorough recap!

ModelPhilips OneBladePhilips OneBlade Pro
MechanicsOneBlade TechnologyOneBlade Technology
Battery Life and Running Time45 minutes; NiMH Battery90 Minutes; Li-Ion Battery
LED DisplayUnavailableAvailable
Key FeaturesSleek Build; NiMH Battery, Wet and Dry ShaveLED Display; Powerful Battery Life; Travel Mode; Extra Accessories
Price Check Price Check Price

Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade

The Philips OneBlade is a great tool that uses its outstanding OneBlade technology to trim, shape, and shave even the most stubborn strands of hair! Harming your face with nicks and cuts are also inconveniences that exist in theory when you’re being helped by the OneBlade, as the dual sided blade that it comprises eliminates pieces of hair without causing any injury.

In addition to receiving the perfect shave and trim, the Oneblade is also known for providing the users with an exceptional running time of 45 minutes and the longlasting service that its blade tends to provide.

The trimmer can also give anyone a quick shave without needing any protectants, which can be a good thing if you’ve recently run out of shaving foam.

Alongside receiving the OneBlade itself, investing in this product will bring to the table a charger, and 3 adjustable trimming combs that will enable you to give yourself an effective shave without ruining the structure of your beard.

Philips OneBlade Pro

Philips Oneblade Pro

As their name suggests, the Philips OneBlade Pro is the successor of the former entry, and contains a significantly higher price tag than its predecessor.

While both of the options contain the same mechanics, the Philips OneBlade Pro has the edge over its opponent in multiple ways.

One of the main components that allows the OneBlade Pro to stand out is its newly improved Li-Ion battery, which allows it to have a running time of over 90 minutes, which is two times better than that of its predecessors. Additionally, due to the new battery, the device also has fast charging, which enables the gadget to be fully recharged within an hour.

The design also contains an LED display, which monitors the battery life and displays the percentage in numerics when the power button is pressed. Moreover, when travelling, the display can be utilised to turn on the travel mode; which prevents the device from turning on for an indefinite period of time.

On top of having blades that can serve users for over 3 months at a time, the Philips OneBlade Pro contains an adjustable guard that can cover up to 14 lengths! It also comes with a charging dock, and a travel pouch; both of which are non-existent in the packaging of its predecessor.

OneBlade Vs. OneBlade Pro: Assessing Their Differences, Similarities, Benefits, and More!

Due to being cut from the same cloth, the OneBlade Pro, despite being the newer model, contains features that can also be found within the original OneBlade. And while you’ll receive the shaving results with both items, you’ll surely be missing out on a series of new upgrades if you choose the option that is more budget-friendly. Without further ado, here are all the similarities as well as differences between the OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro!

OneBlade Pro Performance


Since both items contain the same OneBlade technology, both items are equally efficient at seamlessly removing hair strands. The OneBlade Pro is just as gentle on the skin as the OneBlade, and can prevent users from dealing with minor inconveniences such as nicks, cuts, tugs and pulls.

Moreover, the OneBlade and OneBlade Pro are also waterproof, which means that they can be used in the shower without any hesitation, and rinsed with water once the session is over.

OneBlade Design

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Another major difference that caught my eye as soon as I compared the two models of Philips involved the design of both the trimmers.

The Philips OneBlade comprises a shade of green, and is a tad bit more lean than the OneBlade Pro. In contrast to the upgraded model, the Philips OneBlade can also feel lighter in the hand.

The OneBlade Pro, on the other hand, looks just as minimal as its predecessor, but contains a hue of black, and takes more space when placed in the hand. In addition to having the power button, the OneBlade Pro contains an LED display, which mainly displays the battery percentage of the device.

Battery Life

Battery Life

A big factor that creates a huge gap between the two Philips models is the battery life and running time of each model.

The standard OneBlade contains an NiMH battery, which helps the device run without any interval for 45 long minutes. When plugged in after draining out, the OneBlade may typically take around 8 hours to fully recharge.

In contrast to the former, the OneBlade Pro is significantly more powerful when it comes to battery life. Due to the new Li-Ion battery that it contains, the gadget can run for 90 whole minutes without any break! Additionally, the device can also reach a full battery life in under an hour.

New Features of OneBlade Pro

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New Features: Design, LED Display, Travel Mode, and More!

The OneBlade Pro tends to stand out in multiple ways when compared with the standard OneBlade, and can only do so due to all the new features that it comprises.

The OneBlade Pro tends to look more like a premium model due to its new build, which not only contains better materials, but also contains a new hue of matte black.

Under the power button of the OneBlade Pro is an LED display that invigilates the battery life of the device, which can help newbies with being more wary about the running time the gadget will serve at certain percentages.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the travel mode, which protects the OneBlade Pro for a fixed period of time inside the luggage. This mode can save tons of battery life, and can also prevent the trimmer from turning on when it’s not in use.

In contrast to the accessories of the Philips OneBlade, the OneBlade Pro is miles ahead, especially due to the new charging dock that it comprises. Alongside the charging dock, users will also find the adjustable trimmer with 14 guards that fits effortlessly over the blade, and also receive a travel bag that will surely make every journey easier!


Due to being a new and improved version of the original OneBlade, the OneBlade Pro tends to have a higher value. And while the OneBlade does have the edge over its opponent on this segment in the eyes of those that are working around a tight budget, the improved battery life, premium design, LED display, and multiple new accessories that one gets with the OneBlade Pro makes the device more worthwhile without a doubt!

Bottom Line: A Small Price To Pay For A Massive Upgrade! 

Both the Philips OneBlade and OneBlade Pro can be excellent gadgets to invest in if you’re desperately seeking a way to improve the state of your beard, and the shape of your 3-day old stubble.

The OneBlade and OneBlade Pro use their OneBlade technology to eliminate facial hair in a span of minutes, and also allow the users to walk out of each shaving session unharmed. They both contain a favourable design, can be used in the shower and can fit in the palm of anyone’s hands without a single worry.

However, despite being a tad bit higher in terms of price, the Philips OneBlade Pro remains our recommended pick. Since it is the supposed successor of the OneBlade, the OneBlade Pro contains a better battery that provides a running time of 90 minutes, an LED display, a travelling pouch, a new charging dock, and an adjustable guard that can cover around 14 different sizes; all of which make the OneBlade Pro the better contender!

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