Philips Multigroom 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000: The Ultimate Trio With Tons Of Potential

To make sure you look good at all times, grooming on the regular is quite necessary. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation or about to head out to a casual hang with someone you’re into, ensuring that you’re well groomed and dapper could earn you bonus points nonetheless.

While razors can do the trick on a nightly basis to keep your stubble away and your bush down there consistently sound, they might bring to the table both minor and major repercussions like nicks, cuts, and itchiness. However, that’s when multi groomers, the new frontrunners, come in to relieve all your worries!

If you’re currently looking to replace your existing grooming tool, relying on Philips could be a convenient move to make. They have tons of models that could intrigue you if you’ve done enough research on male grooming, with another series of models that can help you out if you’ve recently learned about the importance of grooming.

Three promising models that consumers often side with are the Multigroom 5000, Multigroom 7000, and Multigroom 9000. All three have tons of attributes that add to their already positive reception, but also have tons of mutual characteristics that unite the three models of Philips. However, since you only need one trimmer to make a difference, here’s what it’s like when the Philips Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 are pitted against each other, and the option that comes out the winner between the dominant trio!

Multigroom 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000 : Summary Table

Now that it’s almost time to measure all the differences and similarities that lie between the Philips Multigroom 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000, we hope you’re able to understand each aspect to the fullest, which should be possible to carry out if you’ve skimmed through the formerly covered segments. However, if you happened to skip through the previous sections, but need to make a purchase regardless, be sure to check out the table listed below to garner enough knowledge about each option in this article!

ModelsMultigroom 5000Multigroom 7000Multigroom 9000
Key FeaturesDualcut Tech, Rubber Grip, 5 minute quick charge, 18 quality toolsDualcut Tech, Rubber Grip, Stainless steel handle, 5 minute quick charge, 23 quality tools, Battery and Charging indicatorDualcut Tech, Rubber Grip, Stainless steel handle, 5 minute quick charge, 25 quality tools, Battery and Charging indicator
DisplayNoneYes; Charging and BatteryYes; Charging and Battery
Run Time3 Hours5 Hours6 Hours
Warranty4 Years5 Years10 Years
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Philips Multigroom 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000: Description, Uses, Attributes, And More!

Picking one out of the three options in this article could be difficult because of how promising they are, but any option should be beneficial if your main aim falls along the lines of changing your grooming routine for the better. Despite having distinct features that makes each option have the edge over the other, the Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 definitely have what it takes to be the superior option than your current shaving tool. Don’t believe us? Read through the product descriptions placed below to find out!

Philips Multigroom 5000

Philips Multigroom 5000

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If you’re currently growing facial hair for the first time or starting from scratch, the Philips Multigroom 5000 should definitely be a trimmer that you should consider.

The design of the build lacks the modern, minimalistic feel that most of the trimmers contain in the present day, but contains a rubber grip, which offers tons of control to users and allows them to shave the selected area precisely. The dualcut technology amongst the build of the Multigroom 5000 is also extremely appealing due to its ability to shave the hair as much as possible without making room for any injury. When combined, the rubber grip mixed with the dualcut technology tends to be helpful for those that are clumsy, have symptoms of anxiety, or just first-timers in the world of body grooming.

Another positive of this Philips model can be found within its battery. The Li-ion battery that the Multigroom 5000 comprises can serve users for up to 3 hours at a time when fully charged without any interval. While the tool has the ability to be fully charged within an hour, you can also choose to charge the Multigroom 5000 for 5 minutes before each session for optimum efficiency.

A concerning factor about the Philips Multigroom 5000 is regarding the display it doesn’t have. Although the potential it has of providing a 3 hour running time is more than enough for over 20 shaving sessions, the absence of a battery indicator might add to the plate of those that are beginners, and could make it anxiety-inducing when going for a full shave. However, the chances of incurring an injury would still be low, especially if you make use of the 18 different attachments it comes with.

Nonetheless, for the amount of promising uses it offers, the Multigroom is without a doubt a bang for its buck. If you’re working around a tight budget, it won’t really leave a dent in your savings, as it typically starts at $29.99. It is also one of the easier pieces of equipment to maintain due to its waterproof build, and can be used in the shower seamlessly.

Additionally, once the item reduces in terms of efficiency, be sure to make use of the warranty that it offers, which stays valid for 4 whopping years!

Philips Multigroom 7000

Philips Multigroom 7000

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The successor of the Multigroom 5000, which is also known as Philips Multigroom 7000, is also another promising model that can very well be the perfect companion to address and tackle all your grooming needs.

Similar to the previous models, the 7000 reprises the dualcut technology that assures consumers with an effective shave at all times, regardless of the area it’s implemented in. Even though the rubber grip of the newer model runs a bit compact in size as opposed to the Multigroom 5000, the 7000 focuses more on fitting in with its competitors in the present day with its stainless steel build.

In addition to being easy to maintain due to being waterproof, the Multigroom 7000 provides users with longevity with the help of its Li-Ion battery, which has a running time of 5 hours. It also provides a 5 hour running time which is more than enough for a 3-day trip, and comes with 23 different attachments that can effectively shave off all the strands of hair on your body.

A new feature that gives the Multigroom 7000 an advantage over the previous models is the display that it comes with. While most veterans that have adequate knowledge are often able to track the health of the battery through the item’s efficiency, the display of the Multigroom 7000, which only flashes when the device is either charging or running low on battery. When plugged in, a white light typically starts flashing to give the users an indication. On the other hand, when the battery is close to running out, the light turns red and stays put until it’s plugged in.

If bought from the official website, you will also receive the opportunity to use the Multigroom 7000 at peak performance for 5 years straight due to its 5 year warranty. This feature can also be an added bonus to those that seem to be too clumsy while shaving their face, head, or body in the shower, as the item can be serviced for half a decade!

In retrospect, the Multigroom 7000 is a great trimmer to experiment with for the amount of attachments and promising features it brings to the table for only $50 at most. The running time it offers can also be a positive if you’re a person with a slothful mind, as it often serves for 6 hours at a time when fully charged. The guards it provides in the packaging can also be used to clean your garden down there!

Philips Multigroom 9000

Philips Multigroom 9000

Get Philips Multigroom 9000 at Amazon

Philips Multigroom 9000 is without a doubt the most pricey option in this write-up, but backs their value up with the series of helpful qualities it throws into the mix for average and experienced consumers.

The groundwork of the 9000 is the same as the 7000, and contains a stainless steel build with a compact grip for control. The power button it has is also rather minimal in terms of visuals, which caters to those that are seeking a trimmer that is straightforward to use.

The Multigroom 9000 is a promising prospect due to its battery life and operating time. When fully charged, the piece of equipment lasts for not two hours, or four hours, but serves the users for 6 whopping hours at a time. It also has the same set of indicators that can be found on the handle of the 7000, serving the same purpose.

A component that gives the 9000 the edge over most of the items in the Multigroom series is the amount of tools it provides. In total, Philips Multigroom 9000 provides users with 25 attachments, which can be implemented for grooming, shaving, and more!

In addition to having more tools to experiment with, purchasing the Multigroom 9000 will provide you with a warranty of 10 years, which shows just how high the ceiling could be of this multipurpose trimmer!

Measuring The Differences

Despite being manufactured in three different years, the amount of dissimilar attributes that are shared between Philips Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 appear to be rather minimal in many cases. From having a slightly modern build to offering a better battery life, here are all the factors that make Philips Multigroom 9000 a tad bit different against the Multigroom 7000 as well as the Multigroom 5000!

Battery Life and Running Time

The Multigroom 9000 is the king of the hill when compared against the 5000 and 7000 due to its lengthy battery life as well as running time. When fully charged, it can last for 6 hours without any interval, which makes it the perfect tool for manscaping, shaving, and grooming on a regular basis without worrying about the duration.

In contrast to the 9000, Philips Multigroom 7000 can operate for around 5 hours at a time, making it the second best in this bout, but one of the leaders amongst the rest.

For the price tag it has, the Multigroom 5000 offers an exceptional running time of 3 hours, and can reach a full battery life in the span of an hour due to its Li-Ion battery!

Philips Multigroomer Display and Build Quality

Display and Build

Another component that divides the three from one another is the design that they consist of.

The build of the Multigroom 9000 is comparatively a bit modern, with a sleek build made of stainless steel. Around the back of the handle is a narrow rubber grip that gives users the control they need, and a power button.

Underneath the 9000 is an LED display, which works as a charging indicator and a battery indicator. When plugged in, the LED bar flashes white. On the contrary, when it’s close to draining out, the bar turns red until it’s plugged back in on charge.

Furthermore, despite being a predecessor of the Multigroom 9000, the 7000 looks, feels, and carries out the same amount of attributes. It too comes with an LED display for monitoring the battery life, and uses the same range of colours to make the consumers more wary.

Lastly, due to being a bit older than its opponents, the Multigroom 5000 contains a more traditional build. It has an enormous rubber grip around the back of the handle, which can come in handy for beginners, and contains a plastic build. While the grip can be a good thing for most beginners and favour those with poor handling, the Multigroom 5000 lacks a component that keeps track of the battery life, making them a risky tool to place one’s trust in.

Warranty Period

If longevity is a priority to you, then your pick should definitely lie in the hands of Philips Multigroom 9000! The 9000 typically sweeps everyone off their feet with its impressive running time of 6 hours, and helps newbies from receiving botched results with its battery indicator. However, the warranty period it offers lasts for a decade, which won’t just allow users to save tons of money for servicing, but also give them a tool that they can use to the fullest for an extensive period of time!

Additionally, in contrast to the Multigroom 9000, the 7000 offers a warranty of half a decade, which could be ideal if you’d like to keep the trimmer around for a convenient period of time before switching to an even better device, which is the 9000.

On another note, in addition to being a good trimmer for first-timers, the Multigroom 5000 can also be put to full use by frugals due to its value, and the 3 year warranty that it brings to the table.

Price Tag

An obvious element that separates the three contenders from one another are their prices.

Unsurprisingly, the Philips Multigroom 9000 is the most expensive one from the list. Due to the amount of warranty it provides alongside the number of additional items in the packaging, the Multigroom 9000 could require you to spend a tad bit less than $100, standing at $89.99 as of 2023. However, the price tag is very much justified due to the battery life and running time it brings to the table.

The Multigroom 7000, on the other hand, could be a convenient purchase not only for its packaging, travelling pouch, and battery life, but also its price tag, which currently stands around $49!

Moreover, if the budget you have won’t even stretch to $30, a reliable piece of equipment you should definitely put your money in is the Philips Multigroom 5000. At the moment, the Multigroom 5000 goes for $29.99, which doesn’t only make it the most budget-friendly tool on this list, but also makes it one of the best cost-efficient trimmers one can possibly invest in!

The Promising Set Of Similarities The Trio Offers

When push comes to shove, it could be very hard to pick a favourite between the three Multigroom models due to how identical they are. While differences do lie between their build, groundwork, and running time, the three options also share major attributes that unite them indefinitely. From similarities in their efficiency to having the same routine for upkeep, here are some of our favourite characteristics that the Philips Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 mutually share!

Philips Multigroomer Performance


Though the Multigroom 9000 could be the best option to side with due to the amount of additional items it provides, the mechanics that it has are the same as its two predecessors. All three of them have blades that are made with Dualcut technology, which brings to the table an effective shave. However, while this attribute does confirm the efficiency, it doesn’t play a vital role behind their running time, which tends to vary.


All three of the trimmers provide gadgets that are easy to clean and waterproof, making their maintenance routine equally convenient. The attachments as well as the guards provided in the packaging can be cleaned efficiently in the shower with the help of the cleaning kit.

However, whatever you do, don’t wash the handle of the trimmer, or the motor, as that area is not waterproof!

Philips Multigroom is the Perfect Travelling Tool

The Perfect Travelling Tool

Regardless of which one you choose to side with, you won’t have to worry when going on a trip with one of the three models covered in this article. This is because, despite having different batteries which have a different battery life, the Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 are extremely easy to carry due to how compact they are, and the travelling pouch that is provided with each item.

Therefore, if you’re planning to take a break soon by travelling to a whole new country and plan to meet new people, keep your grooming problems in check with the help of one of the three promising Multigroom models unveiled in this write-up.

Final Takeaway: The Multigroom 9000 Offers Quality And Quantity At Its Peak!

At the end of the day, it could be rather difficult to be assertive when taking your pick between the Philips Multigroom 5000, 7000, and 9000 due to the similar purpose that they serve. But, since the 9000 has a better battery life, running time, and offers more components than its counterparts, it was easier for me to side with Philips Multigroom 9000. The 10 year warranty further enhanced its appeal in my eyes; which is another factor that makes it a bang for its buck.

The Multigroom 7000 ended up as my second best pick due to having a less powerful battery life, but could be an excellent gadget to experiment with if you’re seeking something that will give you a great shave at a moderate price. It can also be a good candidate to put your money in if you’re searching for a versatile product, since the 23 attachments it comes with can be sufficient to give you an effortless trim, from head to toe.

Last but not least, the Multigroom 5000 is definitely the underdog on this list. It has a fair running time and a battery life, but can fall short due to the LED display that it lacks; a component which could be compulsory for newbies. However, due to its price tag, it could very well remain a favourable trimmer to purchase to those that are working around a tight budget!

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