Itchy Balls After Shaving: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of manscaping is shaving the genital area.

While the upper portion is easy to glide through and clean, shaving the sections that are sensitive and prone to injury, specifically the testicles, can be difficult.

A common occurrence regardless of the results one faces from manscaping is having to endure the discomfort of itchy balls after shaving. While it does fade away over time, the urge to relieve the sensation during the first hour is considered to be one’s worst nightmare.

Moving on, in this article, we will be covering how itchy balls come into existence after shaving, why they occur to begin with, and what one could do to avoid the hassle of being in the scenario.

How and why your testicles are in agony after manscaping?

Why testicles are in agony after manscaping


Apart from the pain it comes with, the reason behind its existence is endless. Itchy balls can result from razor burns due to the pattern one follows, but can also be due to using equipment that is as old as the tale of time.

Excluding the equipment and pattern, itchy balls can also occur after shaving if one’s skin is extremely sensitive. Since shaving requires the use of tools that are as sharp as a razor, sensitive skin won’t really adapt well to it. The resilience of the razor will not only break the barrier of the skin when shaving the area, but also strip the natural build up of oil, making it prone to dryness.

Additionally, itchy balls can also occur due to folliculitis. Folliculitis occurs when there is an underlying infection on the skin. More often than not, one’s skin tends to develop minor bumps, acne, and red spots that come with a tingling sensation and cause a lot of pain.

Effective tips and tricks to avoid having itchy balls after shaving

Although the pain one must have to endure for having itchy balls will definitely leave them traumatized, there are multiple effective ways in which they can prepare themselves to prevent future recurrence.

Get a new blade

It's Always Better Shave With New Blade


One of the useful methods they can incorporate is to use a new blade every session. Since the area is so sensitive to begin with, the scrotum doesn’t pair well with dull blades. Using a dull blade will not only make the whole experience painful, but also make it inefficient. A clean blade will not only allow the area to receive an effortless trim, but also prevent inconveniences as severe as infections.

Use a trimmer

Use Trimmer For Shaving Balls



While the best is yet to come, we live in a world where trimmers for shaving areas as vulnerable as the scrotum exist. Invest in a trimmer that is solely for that region, as the design of it is meant to work around the uneven layout of the scrotum.

In addition, using a trimmer will also be much faster since it won’t require the use of shaving foam or gel before the trimming process begins.

Don’t shave when dry

Shaving an area as fragile as the scrotum can be extremely unpleasant, especially when it’s dry. Not only will it result in an ineffective shaving session, but using a razor or trimmer on the surface of the area will definitely leave minor bruises. To avoid that, make sure you moisturize it regularly, or rinse it with cold water before you let the tools trim off the pubes.

Avoid tight clothing

Avoid Tight Clothing After Ball Shave Done



Refrain from wearing tight pants or clothing items with unpleasant fabric after you’ve shaved your balls. As the area is quite compact, wearing tight clothing will give it less room to breathe. The lack of space will also make the area around the scrotum extremely clammy or sweaty, which might lead to itchiness and minor rashes.


Moisturize Well After Shaving Balls

Apart from the previous entry, one can also avoid the scenario of having itchy balls after shaving by using aftershave lotion or soothing balm.

As the act of shaving the scrotum does strip the area of its natural oils, the aftermath might make the area prone to dryness, which will kick start the itchy journey. However, that’s when moisturizers and aftershave lotion will come into play.
By applying an aftershave lotion or moisturizer, one will not only prevent razor burns and nicks, but will also create a layer of product to soothe the newly shaved area. Doing so will also allow the area to retain moisture, preventing the scenario of having an itchy scrotum due to dehydrated skin.

Take. Your. Time.

Shaving or trimming your testicles can be frustrating. Indeed, one needs to have plenty of time in their hand to avoid drawbacks such as injuries, but even something as crucial as time comes with a limit. This mindset usually allows one’s anxiety to take over, which leads to a rushed procedure. The clumsy procedure then results in an ineffective outcome with multiple setbacks.

To avoid all that, one needs to create a schedule based on their convenience. Since the scrotum is rather sensitive, make sure to pick a window of time where the amount is more than a handful. Doing so will prevent the sense of urgency from taking over, which will allow you to have a manscaping session with zero to minimum injuries.

“Why are my balls still itchy after shaving?”: When to see a specialist

If the solutions mentioned above fail to get rid of the sensation around your testicles, perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye. Reach out to a doctor immediately or make an appointment.

Itchy balls usually go away or subside 3 days after the shaving session, but if you’ve been suffering from it for quite some time now, visit a specialist. While it could be due to minor bumps and rashes, it could also mean that there’s an infection that needs immediate attention.


That’s all for today, folks!

We hope we have provided you with useful information and hope your next shaving session isn’t as unpleasant as this one!

Long story short, to achieve the best results possible, treat your scrotum with excessive care. Throw away old razors and replace them with new blades. You may even use a trimmer or scissors if you’re too afraid.

Furthermore, make sure to use shaving gel, after shave lotion, and moisturizer to allow the area to heal without becoming dry after a successful grooming session!

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