How to Treat a Razor Burn in the Pubic Area: Frequent Issue with Simple Remedies

One of the biggest inconveniences when partaking in grooming is dealing with razor burns. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, and are typically easy to deal with on most occasions, there are some areas that make the existence of razor burns an absolute nightmare. One of the areas, which is perhaps the toughest one to bear with, is the pubic region.

While the occurrence of a razor burn in the pubic region is anything but a rare circumstance, the struggle of recuperating from that event is easier said than done for plenty. To make things better, however, in this article, on top of revealing all the available remedies that one can incorporate into their grooming routine to say goodbye to razor burns near the pubic area indefinitely, we will also be unveiling how it happens in the first place. We will also cover other severe conditions that may cause razor burn-like symptoms in the pubic region, so make sure to stick around until the end to have all your queries solved!

 What is a Razor Burn? Why is The Genital Area Prone to Razor Burns?

Razor Burn In Genital Area

A razor burn is a burning sensation around a newly shaved skin. It usually occurs when users follow an improper form, use a dull blade, refrain from using shaving foam, and so on.

A razor burn usually causes a tingling sensation, itchiness, and even causes small razor bumps around the fragile piece of skin.

Even though it causes discomfort, razor burns tend to subside and disappear within 3 days. While leaving the area alone helps tremendously for ensuring quick recovery, applying a cold compress to the razor burn is also a helpful method to fasten the healing process.

Since the layer that makes up our genitals is extremely sensitive, the appearance of a razor burn is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there are actually various reasons that can cause that specific inconvenience. Shaving without using lubricant, using a dull razor, shaving too quickly, and shaving against the grain are some of the most prominent scenarios that tend to cause a razor burn.

The Various Ways To Treat A Razor Burn Near The Pubic Region

Experiencing a razor burn, especially around the gonads, is painful to say the least. However, there are loads of methods that can be taken into consideration to treat that issue. Therefore, without further ado, here are all the techniques and remedies one should definitely try out to soothe a razor burn near the pubic area!

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Treatment For Razor Burn

Aloe vera is a tropical gel that has antibacterial properties. Immensely sticky in terms of texture, aloe vera gel tends to soothe any area that is itchy and red by keeping it moisturized until it is removed.

Before applying aloe vera gel to your razor burn, make sure to wash the skin thoroughly. Failing to do so might make the aloe vera gel extremely ineffective and can even make the wounded area more tender if applied incorrectly.

Additionally, make sure to apply just one strip of aloe vera gel to the pubic region, mainly since using too much of it might make the area completely dry. You can even mix it with a soothing moisturizer or even refrigerate the gel 30 minutes before putting it to use for ideal results with no drawbacks.

Applying a cold compress

Believe it or not, even a tool as simple as a cold compress can ease the pain away! All you have to do is apply it directly onto the burn and leave it there. In addition to making the area less painful, the cold compress will also prevent the skin’s chances of growing tiny razor bumps; which is a completely different ball game!

Furthermore, while using a cold compress is an ideal way to relieve the pain, you shouldn’t use the equipment for more than 20 minutes. Doing so could dry your skin out, or even cause an ice burn, which can further delay the healing process.

On another note, if you feel that your genital area is already forming razor bumps, replace your cold compress with a warm compress. Although it has different characteristics in contrast to a cold compress, the moisture that a warm compress tends to retain in addition to the temperature can soothe and soften even the hardest razor bump. The warmth also allows the pores around the affected area to open up, which often aids the healing process.

Using Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide Prevent Razor Burn

In addition to treating acne, benzoyl peroxide is also extremely useful to fight against razor burns. The chemical compound defends the skin it is applied to by removing any harmful bacteria that is present. It also unclogs pores and absorbs moisture that can cause the growth of ingrown hairs.

Using benzoyl peroxide at least twice on the razor burn will soothe it almost instantly. However, make sure to not leave it for too long, as the chemical is known for aiding irritation.

Taking an Oatmeal Bath

Contrary to popular belief, taking an oatmeal bath can also help with getting rid of a razor burn, especially if it’s present in the pubic region. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, using any product or even steel cut oatmeal can subside the intensity of a razor burn.

While you may very well add colloidal oatmeal into a bathtub full of warm water, you can even resort to regular rolled oats for attaining the same results.

What Causes Razor Burns Around The Genitals?

When all is said and done, razor burns, especially around the genitals, can arise due to various reasons. From using the wrong technique, to shaving against the grain, and even avoiding the implementation of protective layers before partaking in the act of shaving, here are all the reasons that cause razor burn in the genital area.

Improper Technique

An improper technique, especially when utilized on the circumference of the pubic region, can make things go downhill very fast. For instance, if you’re rushing, using a dull blade, or even utilizing the abilities of one of your hands, the chances of your pubic area ending up with a razor burn is almost inevitable.

Shaving Too Much

Just like incorporating a not so generous technique, shaving the surface of an area repeatedly can bring to the table unfavorable situations. Since the pubic region has multiple nerve endings, using a razor on a naked surface repeatedly can result in a razor burn. Although there are multiple ways through which it can be controlled, the burning sensation of a razor, especially when it’s dull, can bring forward an unbearable amount of discomfort.

Not Using Shaving Foam

Shaving Foam Helps Against Razor Burn

To obtain the best results from a shaving session, using a protective layer is absolutely necessary. For instance, if you’re shaving your pubes, but aren’t really fond of using shaving cream beforehand, perhaps you should consider changing your grooming routine. Shaving foam isn’t just a layer that enables better results, but is also crucial for those that are prone to razor burns.

Wearing Really Tight Clothing

If you have a knack for tight clothing, perhaps you should just grow your hair down there. More often than not, shaving requires aftercare, especially when the pubic area is the main subject. Wearing fabric or even clothing items that are way too fitting can cause irritation, and even make the area clammy as a result. This in turn can also result in razor burns, since it often tends to prey on dry, and overly moisturized layers of skin.

Preventing Razor Burns Around The Genital Area In The Future

You can either win or learn in life. Similarly, just because you had to deal with razor burns around your pubic region once, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to deal with the matter again. Truth be told, there are various methods through which you can avoid them permanently.

From taking it one pube at a time to taking precautionary measures, here is a list of techniques you could incorporate into your grooming routine to avoid the risk of having another razor burn near your garden.

Trim the hair down there

Before you use a razor to remove all the strands, it is important that you trim the excessively lengthy strands beforehand. While using a pair of scissors will be more than sufficient for this occasion, using a hair clipper will not just give you the healthiest results, but also trim the hair at a faster and more effective rate.

Take your time

If you are working around a packed schedule, delaying the grooming session will probably be your safest bet. Since the pubic region is by far the most vulnerable area of one’s body, in order to achieve commendable results with zero to no repercussions, you should always take it easy, and take all the time you need. Failing to do so might not only result in cuts and nicks, but also make the appearance of razor burns more certain.

Use the proper method

To bid farewell to razor burns forever, following one of the many  proper techniques is a must-have. Regardless of how inexperienced you are, your technique at least needs to have the incorporation of the two-hand technique, which involves pulling the skin taut with one hand and shaving carefully with the dominant one.

Additionally, to further seal a life with no razor burns around the pubic region, make sure the equipment you’re using isn’t out of date, but rather as clean as a whistle!

Lather the area up with some good old shaving cream

Whether you’re a veteran in the grooming world or just a beginner, the involvement of shaving foam is absolutely necessary for noticeable results, and a beneficial aftermath.

Shaving foam usually forms a thin layer over the skin and fights back against razor burns, itchiness, friction and minor cuts. While lathering up the skin with the item could seem a bit unnecessary at times, the potential of it should never be dismissed, especially if you’re shaving your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since more is never enough, here are some questions regarding razor burns in the pubic region that we have found on the web and successfully fathomed!

Question: What does a razor burn look like?

Answer: A razor burn is typically red in terms of appearance, and stings tremendously. On some occasions, the burn can even look like a small bump or eerily similar to a red rash.

Question: How long does it take for a razor burn around the pubic region to go away?

Answer: Regardless of where it occurs, a razor burn typically becomes less intense and vanishes over the span of two days. For a faster recovery process, one can use a cold compress and can even seek help from natural medication such as aloe vera gel.

Question: Why isn’t the razor burn in my pubic region going away?  

Answer: While razor burns often take two days to go away, if the burned area starts forming bumps, it might take another 2 weeks for the situation to become manageable.

On the other hand, if the bump is still present after a considerable amount of time has passed, seeking a doctor’s help is mandatory, since the case could be more severe and could be a symptom of an STI, or even a yeast infection.


Whether it’s a minor burn or a severe one, a razor burn down there can be treated as well as avoided in the future through the assistance of multiple methods!

For instance, if the area is particularly sore, you may very well count on natural remedies such as aloe vera gel, which is renowned for its antibacterial properties, or can even resort to over the counter medication that contains benzoyl peroxide for immediate results.

Additionally, you can also control the outcome by using a cold compress directly onto the wounded area, and can even turn to a warm compress to fight against any symptom of razor bumps.

Moreover, to play it safe, make sure to come up with a grooming routine that involves clean razor blades, shaving foam, and a reliable technique. For achieving ideal results, you should also clear up your schedule days before carrying out a shaving session.

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