How to Shave Your Butt? The Complete Butt Hair Removal Guide

Let’s first make it clear that it is completely natural to have butt hair. All people have it, more or less. So, if you have “more” and you are wondering how to shave your butt, that is also normal.

Shaving legs, chest, or pubic hair is now considered pretty common. Why not butt? There is no shame in wanting to be clean and tidy all the way.

However, you might have many questions regarding butt hair removal that are stopping you from doing it. What purpose does butt hair even serve? Should I shave it off? Will there be any side effects? How to actually shave? Must I shave or are there any alternatives?

These are all valid questions, and you should know the answers before you make the decision to shave your butt.

Luckily for you, you have found a complete butt hair removal guide. Stay with this article as we tackle each and every question.

What is the Purpose of Butt Hair?

Straightly speaking, butt hair has almost no purpose for modern human beings. From an evolutionary point of view, it has been pretty important.

However, there are debates between scientists about the opinions we are about to discuss. Nobody can actually say for sure.

Millions of years ago, when our ancestors were hairier creatures, there used to be a lot of chafing due to the way they walked. Butt hair minimized the chaffing.

According to Joshua Zeichner, M.D., butt hair used to also keep us warm in certain situations back then.

Butt hair used to store our individual smell as well. With the help of that scent, our ancestors attracted others for mating.

Currently, none of these things are necessary. Butt hair still does minimize chafing, but there is much less chafing for humans now. And, good luck to you if you want to attract someone with the scent of your butt hair.

Basically, what we are saying is that butt hair removal won’t cause the extinction of the human race. Now, you might be wondering if it serves no purpose at all, why does it still exist?

As Dr. King puts it, there is no “evolutionary pressure” against butt hair. That means it does not hamper us or the evolutionary process in any way for nature to make it completely disappear.

So, butt hair doesn’t help us in any significant way.

Should You Shave Your Butt?

Why You Should Shave Your Butt


Before you ask how to shave your ass, you must know if you should. Let’s look at reasons for both why you should and shouldn’t shave your butt.

You might just want to keep the area clean. That is completely understandable. If you are already removing hair from other body parts, there is no point in leaving out your butt.

You might also have really long butt hair, and it might be causing you genuine irritation. It would make sense then to shave it off and feel freer.

Having long butt hair can also cause a lot of sweating. That creates more odor down there. So, you can be more hygienic by shaving, and keeping sweat and odor away from the area.

It can also be an aesthetic choice. You or even your partner might like you better with a smoother butt. But, if you are doing it for your partner, make sure that this is actually what they want.

Apart from all these good reasons to shave off your butt, there are quite a few risks as well.

First of all, it is not as easy as shaving your facial hair or chest hair. Even with the help of a mirror, it is a difficult angle. Especially if you are not just shaving the cheeks, and going for the inner area as well, then it becomes very tricky.

Therefore, even with a dexterous person, there is a high risk of cutting yourself. It would be really awkward explaining that injury to someone.

A messy cut can cause an infection as well. There are also usual shaving risks like bumps, rashes, and razor burn.

The stage where the hair grows back can be pretty annoying. If you get itchy stubbles, it would be a truly irritating experience.

So, there are both risks and rewards of shaving your butt. The important thing to remember is that it’s not absolutely necessary for someone to shave their butt. There’s also no harm in doing it. It is basically just a personal preference.

How to Shave Your Butt?

Butt Shaving Guide

If you have decided to go for it, then you must learn how to shave your butt properly. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to go into this blind. Our easy-to-follow method will keep you safe and give you the result you want.

1. Trim the Hair

This first step might not be applicable to everyone. It is especially for those who have really long butt hair. You can trim the hair with an electric trimmer first. Then, it would not get in the way when you start shaving. That would make shaving your hair off much easier.

2. Take a Shower

Then, you need to take a hot shower. Properly wash your butt with warm water. This will soften the hair and make it easier to shave. It also reduces the risk of ingrown hair.

3. Disinfect the Razor

Let’s discuss the tool. Firstly, do not use the same razor you use on your face for obvious hygienic reasons. Definitely use a different one. We would suggest that you use a special butt shaver. It will provide you with the flexibility and smoothness you need to shave your butt. Make sure to disinfect it before you use it.

4. Apply Shaving Product

Next, you need to apply a shaving product to your butt. You can use a standard shaving cream or gel. Evenly spread it everywhere and create enough lather to comfortably shave.

5. Start Shaving the Cheeks

Start with the easy one. Now, not everyone has a huge mirror in their bathroom where they can look at their entire body. A hand-held mirror would suffice. Just make sure that you can properly look at your butt. Then, gently start shaving.

6. The Shaving Technique

Keep a couple of things in mind while you are shaving. Most importantly, remember to take it slow. During each stroke, be as steady and gentle as possible. You should hold the skin taut. The skin should be spread so that the razor can smoothly move around. Also, do not shave against the grain. Follow the direction where the hair grows. Do not hasten and carefully shave off all the hair.

7. Shave the Inner Area

You might just want to shave your butt cheeks, and that is completely safe and understandable. For those of you who want to shave the inner area as well, you need to be as careful as you possibly can. Getting a proper view is extremely important to do it. We recommend you to be in a squatting position over a mirror. We agree that it is not a very dignified position. But, this will give you a proper view of the inner area. Now, remember all the shaving techniques and continue shaving.

8. Wash and Clean

After you have shaved off all the hair, wash and clean your butt. Give it a proper rinse, and make sure that nothing is stuck down there. When you are done cleaning, gently pat your butt dry with a towel.

9. Aftercare

Do not stop your butt hair removal ritual just yet. An aftercare routine is immensely helpful and will keep you safe from many hazards. So, when your butt has dried up, use an antiseptic cream to protect it from infection. You can apply a moisturizer as well for better care. Or, you can just put powder on your butt.

This was the complete process of how to shave your butt. Do not skip a step, and carefully follow this method for a risk-free and smooth experience.

What are the Alternatives?

Butt Shaving Alternatives | Waxing

Is shaving the only answer when you ask how to remove butt hair? Well, no. You have a couple of alternatives and you can choose one of them as well.


The obvious and easiest one is trimming. Maybe, you do not need a silky smooth butt. Trimming will remove most of the hair anyway. You will still feel pretty clean. It is definitely safer than shaving as well. So, you can just shorten your butt hair with a trimmer.


Waxing is another painful but effective alternative. If you are not interested in regular shaving or trimming, waxing can work for you. It will keep the hair away for a longer period. The downside is obviously the painful process. There are a few suggestions online about how to wax off your butt hair yourself. However, we would recommend not doing it. Waxing in a very sensitive area would be too risky, especially if you have never done it before. Just let a professional handle it, and you would get a better result.

Depilatory Cream

Using a depilatory cream to remove your hair is a less painful option. The only risk in using a cream is that it does not affect everyone in the same way. There is a good chance that certain cream might not suit you, and you might face some negative side effects. So, to be safe, you need to first apply the cream on a small area, and observe how it reacts. If you feel it’s okay, then you can use it on your entire butt.

Laser Removal

If you are looking for a permanent solution, you can go for laser removal. As shaving your ass is a risky business, and you have to do it quite regularly, many are recommending laser removal as the best way for removing butt hair. The only catch is that it’s pretty expensive. American Academy of Dermatology states that you need six or more sessions for laser removal. You might even need maintenance sessions to make sure the hair doesn’t grow back. But, if you can afford it, this really is a neat solution for butt hair removal.


Electrolysis is another permanent solution. This is the method where an electric current is transmitted through a thin wire into the hair follicle. That destroys the hair root, and prevents hair from growing back. Electrolysis also requires multiple seasons, and is really expensive. Another drawback is that many individuals have felt discomfort and pain during the process. It can actually happen with laser removal as well. So, make sure that you’re going to a trusted and reputed persona/institution for electrolysis of laser removal.


You now have the answers to if you should, why you might, and how to shave your butt. You also have the alternatives if you want to choose another route.

Think through all the information you have, evaluate your options, and you will come up with the most appropriate decision for you.

Shaving your butt might be healthy and hygienic, but our final suggestion would be to not neglect daily maintenance. Spend the proper amount of time cleaning your butt and nether region while you are in a shower. Regularly use moisturizer and powder as well.

Also, if there is an accident while shaving, no matter how awkward it is, seek professional help. Do not overlook any issue, and remain safe and healthy.

If you have decided to remove your butt hair, congratulations on the newest weapon in your personal grooming arsenal. Use it to be cleaner and more confident than ever.

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