How to Shave Your Balls? The Proper Method

Manscaping has quite quickly become a popular phenomenon. No body parts are off-limits now, as far as shaving is concerned. But, before you wonder about how to shave your balls, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Should you shave your balls? What are the risks and benefits of doing it? These should be your first questions.

This is the most sensitive area of your body and there is no denying the fact that shaving your balls is a risky business. So, you need to be completely sure that you want to do this.

If you decide to do it, then you need to learn about the right tools and find the safest possible technique.

Do not worry because we’ve got you covered. Everything you need to know, you will find here. After going through this article, shaving your balls will not seem like such a daunting task.

Should You Shave Your Balls?

There are actually a few good reasons for shaving your balls. However, there are some big risks as well. Let’s go through both the advantages and drawbacks.

The Benefits

The first benefit is that it’s hygienic to shave your balls. Removing hair from your balls means that there will be less dirt and gunk stuck there.

Apart from keeping that area clean, shaving will also ensure less sweating. Therefore, there will be less odor as well.

Another health benefit of having shaved balls is that you can easily check if there’s an issue. You can be extra careful about testicular cancer or any other hazard.

Shaving Balls Can Prevent Testicular Cancer


Shaved balls can also make your penis look bigger. That will increase your appeal and give you a confidence boost.

Your partner might also prefer smooth balls over hairy ones. So, you can do it to please them as well. But, do not just assume and definitely ask before making the decision.

Shaving will also increase sensitivity down there. Trust us when we tell you this, that feeling is pretty great.

The Risks

The obvious risk is that you can cut yourself while shaving. And yes, you have guessed correctly that it will hurt like hell.

Having a messy cut can also cause an infection. We can guarantee that having that chat with a doctor will be extremely awkward.

There are other risks like getting razor burns, bumps, redness, ingrown hair, folliculitis, etc. because of shaving.

According to Dr. Thomas Gaither, a physician at UCLA, there is a chance of injuring your epithelial barrier while shaving. If that happens right before having sex, the open wound can lead to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Syphilis, or genital warts.

So, now that you have learned all the pros and cons, you can make a better decision.

How to Shave Your Balls?

Without knowing the proper method, attempting to shave can send you to a hospital. So, how to shave your balls safely? We have a step-by-step process for you that is easy to follow. Keep these steps in mind and you have nothing to fear.

Find the Right Tools

Ball Shaving Tools

Just having a razor and shaving cream won’t cut it. To do it the right way, first, you need to collect the correct instruments.

You will need an electric trimmer or scissors, and a safety razor to trim and shave. Make sure the blades are sharp and not dull. Dull blades can make it a risky and irritating shaving experience.

You also have to collect shaving oil/butter and an after-shave balm. Once you have gathered everything, move on to the next stage.

Trim the Hair

Don’t just start shaving immediately, and use the electric trimmer to trim the hair first. It is really risky to shave without trimming.

Trimming will make the shaving process much easier, especially if you have a forest down there. The hair might get in the way and disrupt shaving.

You need to have a clear view of the skin while shaving. Having long hair can block your view. So, it is better to shorten them first.

Make the hair as short as possible, but make sure that the trimmer is not touching your skin. You don’t want an accident at the very beginning.

If you do not own an electric trimmer, you can also use a pair of scissors. Whatever tool you are using, be very careful.

Take a Hot Shower

Now, you need to take a shower with warm water. Properly wash and clean your balls. The shower will help you in many ways.

First of all, it will remove all the dirt from the area. So, they won’t hamper the shaving.

The warm water will soften the hair. You can then shave them off quite easily.

Finally, and most importantly, it will relax the skin. You don’t want the skin to be stiff and wrinkled. It will be really difficult to shave.

The skin should be free and flexible. That way you can easily move around the razor.

Apply a Pre-Shave Product

Apply Pre Shave Oil On Balls

We highly recommend not using shaving cream or foam. These things create too much lather and make it impossible to see.

We have already mentioned that it is necessary to have a clear view. So, you need a product that is translucent.

You can apply some shaving oil. It will perfectly lubricate your balls, prepare them for shaving, and also keep them visible.

You might choose shaving butter as well. It is equally good and risk-free.

Start Shaving

It is finally time to start shaving. We can’t stress enough the importance of being careful in this step. A mistake here will cost you heavily.

You need to pull the skin of your balls and stretch it out. It should be as smooth as possible. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles or folds on the skin. If there is, you will cut yourself while running the razor.

When the skin is fully stretched out, start gently shaving with the razor. Each stroke should be light and tender.

You must have a good grip on your skin. If your hand slips and you let go in the middle of a stroke, there will be big troubles.

Also, do not go against the grain. Only shave in the direction where the hair grows.

Keep all these in mind and carefully shave off all the hair.

Wash and Clean

When you are done removing all the hair, you need to wash your balls with cold water. Gently rinse and clean up everything.

Make sure there’s no oil or butter stuck down there. After properly cleaning, pet your balls dry with a towel.


Ball Shaving Aftercare

A lot of men will stop at the previous step and skip this one. We assure you that it would be a huge mistake.

An aftercare routine is a must and it will protect you from a lot of hazards. You can prevent infection, skin irritation, bumps, and rashes just by using an after-shave balm.

Choose a balm that is soothing. For example, the ones with aloe are very comfortable for your skin. Avoid the ones which have alcohol or menthol.

All that is left now is us congratulating you because you have successfully completed the entire process. You now know the safest answer to how to shave your balls.

Just remember that the trick is to take your time and not rush in any way. Keep it slow and steady, and you will achieve the expected result.

What’s an Alternative?

After contemplating all the benefits and risks, you might think that it’s not worth shaving your balls. Or, you might think the process is too tricky for you to handle.

We completely understand. After all, according to a study conducted in 2007, the scrotum is the most accident-prone body part for grooming.

But, you might still want to keep it neat and tidy down there. Then, we would recommend that you just trim.

Use an electric trimmer and just shorten your hair. You can actually remove most of the hair with a trimmer. Not everybody needs to have completely smooth balls. You will still feel clean and confident.

There is also the option of waxing. As it is a very sensitive area in your body, we would recommend that you avoid it.

However, if you are sure that you can take the pain and you want smooth balls for a longer period of time without shaving regularly, then you can go for waxing.

Some Pro Tips

We have some suggestions for you which will help you in a big way. Let’s start with safety.

No matter how careful you are, you might still face issues. If there is any issue like skin irritation, rashes, or infection, you must seek professional help.

Do not overlook it and take it lightly. You will be sorry if a small problem later turns into something severe.

For those of you, who do not have any idea about first aid, we would suggest not shaving your balls. It would be too risky for you guys.

In case of an accident, you won’t be able to take proper care of an injury. So, you first need to learn about first aid. Meanwhile, you can just trim.

Shaving your balls is very hygienic, but do not ignore daily maintenance. Whenever you are taking a shower, properly wash your balls as well.

You can use talc-free body powder on them for better care. If you have too much chafing, you can use lotion as well.

Final Words

You now possess all the knowledge you need regarding how to shave your balls. So what have you decided?

If you have decided to avoid it, we understand. It is just a person’s preference and there’s no harm in avoiding it.

Those who have decided to go for it, we hope you are not as intimidated as you were before. You are now well equipped to do it.

Just follow our techniques and suggestions, and you will be safe in every way. Now, take your manscaping game to the next level.

So, be safe, be confident, be you!

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