How To Shave Pubic Hair For Men: The Complete Guide

Grooming plays an essential role in the lives of men. It enables them to feel good about themselves while maintaining their hygienic habits. It also increases their appeal, which is a win-win for anyone involved.

While it is relatively easy to carry out the procedures included in male grooming, one region in specific can be a little complex to figure out: the pubic region.

In this article, we will be tackling and making an attempt to find the answer to one query only: How to shave pubic hair for men. We will be discussing all the steps that one needs to take in order to achieve the perfect shave with ZERO consequences.

Tools You’ll Need

Pubic Hair Shaving Tools


A good shave requires the use of a dependable set of tools. Working with what you’ve got shouldn’t be the main goal, as it will probably result in a painful shave with multiple nicks and cuts.  For achieving the best outcome possible, you’ll need the following items:

  • A trimmer to get rid of the bushy pubic hair and have a better shave.
  • A pre-shave oil to soothe the skin before the shaving gel or foam is applied.
  • Shaving foam or gel to lather onto the surface of the skin before the razor is applied. This item will make the skin silky smooth so that running a blade on it is easier.
  • A safe razor with multiple razor blades so that the process is easy and effective.
  • Aftershave lotion or moisturizer to recover from the shave and hydrate the naked skin.

Easy Steps to Follow When Shaving Your Pubic Hair

The pubic region is extremely sensitive and any miscalculated move might result in painful drawbacks for men. To make things easier, however, here are the rules one should follow to play it safe when shaving their pubes.

Step 1: Trim the Bush

Before using a blade on the groin area, one should always use a trimmer to get rid of some of the bulk. Doing so will not only result in a better shave, but will also make the shaving process easier. Make sure to clear up your schedule so that you can take your time when carrying out each step.

Start from the bottom sections and slowly drive the trimmer all the way up to your groin area for an effective trim. If you’re worried about cuts and nicks, install a guard to the trimmer to chop the bush off without a worry.

Step 2: Shower

Taking a shower should not be skipped, especially if you’re planning on shaving your pubic hair. After a trim, the hair strands might be a bit stiff and hard to deal with. Shaving it without washing the area will surely result in razor bumps. To avoid that, wash the newly trimmed region thoroughly. You may use some shampoo to get rid of the small hair strands after trimming, and some conditioner to soften the remaining strands.

Moreover, make sure to use lukewarm water or warm water, as it will allow the hair to soften up a little, which won’t even occur if you use cool water.

Step 3: Apply Shaving Foam or Gel to the Area

After you’re done with taking a shower, spray some shaving foam in your palm and lather the area up to ensure hydration. Wait for the next two to three minutes for the foam to settle in. Take your razor out once the area looks and feels soft and smooth.

Step 4: Get Ready To Rumble!

Take out the best razor you have on your arsenal and put it to use. Make sure to avoid using a razor that has already been used, as doing so will increase the chances of cuts and nicks.

When applying it onto the surface of the skin, make sure to stroke it gently and carefully. Make sure to let go of the firm hold and allow the razor to take the wheel.

Furthermore, make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Doing so will prevent the chances of unexpected razor bumps in the pubic region.

Step 5: Stretch the Skin For a Better Shave

As the area is extremely fragile and prone to damage, shaving it effectively might come off as a challenge. Pull the skin of the groin area and hold it firmly with one hand and use the other hand to glide the razor onto the surface of the area. Stretching it will also prevent the razor from going off track, reducing the chances of getting injured.

Step 6: Rinse the Razor Regularly

Rinse the Razor

Throughout the process, the razor should be rinsed after the completion of each stroke. Failing to do so will make the shaving process ineffective. As the razor will have a residue of shaving foam, it won’t be able to cut and erase the existing pubic hair as efficiently as it was during the beginning.

To remove the residue, just splash the equipment with some water every now and then.

Step 7: Reapply Shaving Foam When Necessary

Make sure to keep the container of shaving foam near you, as you will be needing it multiple times. Apply it frequently to the pubic region so that the strands stay soft. Softer strands come off easily and are less painful to remove as opposed to dry and brittle hair. Shaving foam will also make the gliding process smooth, decreasing the chances of having botched results.

Step 8: Rinse the Area with Cool Water and Pat Dry

After you’re done with shaving it all off, run some cool water in the pubic region to reduce inflammation and get rid of any remaining shaving foam. Use a towel to dry the area thoroughly before being eligible for the next step.

Step 9: Moisturize

Soothing the skin after a shave is necessary. Make sure to incorporate a reliable, grease free moisturizer into your grooming routine so that your groin area is at ease. Apply a moisturizer or an aftershave to the newly shaved skin so that it can recover from the process and look smoother and healthier in the future.

The Aftermath

Once you’re done with the challenging procedure of shaving the pubic region, there is one issue that needs to be controlled on a regular basis: The sweat. Fortunately however, there are loads of things one can do to easily avoid this drawback.

Firstly, make sure to wash the groin area thoroughly whenever you’re taking a shower. The pubic region tends to accumulate a lot of sweat especially since it is covered almost all the time. Not washing it enough will only be beneficial if you want to drive people away with its unpleasant smell. Make sure to use a loofah to thoroughly clean your junk and to fight back against the odor.

You may also invest in a good container of body powder to successfully avoid the clammy smell that the sensitive area contains. Using body powder will also keep the area nice and dry, as the texture of the product will absorb all the sweat and replace it with the smell of the fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shaving pubic hair is easier said than done. To make things a bit less hectic, we have solved a few questions that are almost always asked about when shaving pubic hair is the main subject.

Question: How often should I shave my pubic hair?

Answer: Hair present in the pubic region should only be shaved once every four weeks. Since the area is extremely sensitive, it is prone to damage. Shaving it too often will result in painful razor bumps and make the area inflamed.

Question: Can I shave my pubic hair everyday?

Answer: Just like every other body part, the pubic region needs time to recover and recuperate after a shaving session. Shaving it too often will damage the skin by making it dry and red. It will also result in nicks, cuts and allow ingrown hair to exist on the surface, which are extremely painful to live with.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article was effective enough to solve the main issue about shaving pubic hair.

To sum it all up, one needs to have a lot of patience when eliminating pubic hair effectively without any drawbacks. They should use clean equipment and invest in a good set of moisturizing products to keep the area hydrated and healthy.  

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