How to Remove Pubic Hair Without Shaving: 4 Easy Alternative Methods

Although the results are often favorable, shaving pubic hair is extremely difficult. Regardless of the amount of experience one has with shaving, using a razor is extremely risky. One wrong move might result in painful scenarios like having itchy and dry skin, and might even result in inflammation. Luckily, using a razor isn’t the only way men can remove their pubic hair.

In this write-up, we will be covering all the alternatives a man can carry out if he’s too afraid of picking up a razor to shave all the hair “down there”. We will be explaining every method in detail, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that it’s easier for you to come to a decision!

1. Hard Waxing

Hard Waxing

While waxing is the most effective manual method for removing hair, it is also the most painful procedure. Waxing is preferred over the other options since it dries up faster, consuming less time overall. Just apply it directly onto the groin area and wait for the product to dry up before ripping the strip off gently. Make sure to carefully remove the strip, as doing the opposite might result in injuries.

For an even safer outcome, there are multiple steps you can follow before applying the waxing application onto your skin.

Choose hard wax

Purchase hard wax over soft wax. Although safer, soft wax tends to take time, and is harder to remove from the skin. As opposed to that, hard wax takes minutes when it’s warm and is extremely easy to pull off.

However, it will hurt when removing each strip. Make sure to be mentally prepared before partaking in this activity.

Trim the hair with scissors

Get rid of the density of your bush through trimming. Use a pair of clean scissors to avoid the chance of spreading bacteria. Trim at least one to two inches off from the hair, so that the waxing strip can settle in easily and can remove the remaining strands with ease.

Go for a wash

Make sure to wash your pubic region thoroughly before beginning the waxing process. Taking a shower will result in softer hair, which is easier to control as opposed to brittle hair. Use a little bit of shampoo and conditioner if necessary. Washing the pubic region will reduce the likelihood of injuries. Make sure to pat dry it with a towel afterwards as waxing strips don’t stay on wet skin.

Heat the wax before using it

Wax Heating

Heat the wax application for an ample amount of time before applying it onto the skin. The warmer the wax, the easier it will be to remove. Take a small amount of wax to run a patch test before you begin waxing your pubic area.

Be gentle

Remove the waxing strip gently. Rushing things will only damage your skin and result in a painful experience. Make sure to remain careful throughout the process so that you’re satisfied with the results. You may take pain medication 30 minutes before waxing your pubic region so that it hurts you less, but should still remove the strips gently when applying them onto the surface of the skin.

Give it time

Remember that it will take 3-4 weeks before hair starts growing again. Make sure to moisturize the area regularly, and seal the grooming routine with some body powder to reduce the clamminess during unfavorable weather conditions.

2. Trimmer

Pubic Hair Trimmer


Not everyone fancies a clean shave. A maintenance cut is all you need sometimes, which can be perfectly achieved when attempted with a trimmer. A trimmer is a man’s best friend as it offers effortless shaving with minimal drawbacks. It is also closed in around the edges, and can be used effectively even if you are new to the grooming game.

Moving on, here are the steps you can take to achieve the best possible scenario when trimming:

Invest in a good pair of scissors and a trimmer

Before the trimming process begins, it is better to trim the ends of pubic hair with a pair of scissors for a better outcome. Chop off the ends as much as you can as it will allow you to glide the trimmer through the pubic region in an easier manner.

Dry the hair before you trim

While wet hair seems more convenient to many when shaving, dry hair is better for trims. The hair is usually softer and cooperates in a better manner as opposed to wet hair. It is also easier to track each hair strand when it’s dry, making things easier for the user.

Trim while standing

Trim while standing

Even though the trimming process might be a bit time consuming, don’t ever let your guard down and take a seat. It’s always better to stand when you’re trimming pubic hair, as it will allow you to follow the directions properly. Sitting down will ruin the pattern of the hair, which can result in cuts and injuries.

Standing will also allow you to see the hair better, as opposed to sitting, which might require you to stretch your neck quite a bit throughout the trimming procedure.

Moreover, make sure you’re standing over a wastebasket or a disposable item so that the clean up process is shorter.

Clean the gadgets up with rubbing alcohol

Make sure to clean your scissors and your trimmer with some antiseptic or rubbing alcohol right after the grooming session is done. This will get rid of any bacteria that might be present on the equipment after the clean up session, preventing any infection in the future.

3. Depilatory Cream

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory cream is probably the most painless procedure of removing hair for men. While they look no different than moisturizers, depilatory cream removes hair almost immediately after it is applied onto the skin. The texture of it is extremely thick, but feels smooth and silky when applied onto the skin.

Regardless, here are the rules you must abide by if your mind is resorting to using depilatory cream:

Get a depilatory cream that is safe for your pubic region

Depilatory cream contains chemicals that aren’t as friendly as they’re supposed to be. They tend to harm areas that are extremely sensitive if they aren’t removed quickly enough.

Moreover, there are specific depilatory creams that are safe for removing pubic hair. Make sure to check the ingredients and the labels out before making your pick. The ones that are safe for the pubic area should contain the words “safe to use around genitals” on its packaging. You can also check out the section with the ingredients if you need reassurance.

Run a patch test

Everyone’s skin is different. While some skin types blend in with the ingredients of a product, the rest of them might have an allergic reaction. Running a patch test before making your purchase is absolutely necessary. It will ensure safety and prevent harmful scenarios like redness and inflammation.

When applying it on the skin, monitor the area closely for any redness or itchiness. If neither of them occur, you may proceed to use the cream on your pubic region.

Rub a thick layer over your pubic area

Take an ample amount of cream in the palm of your hands and spread it through your pubic area gently. Make sure to wash the area beforehand, so that the cream can work its charm to the fullest extent.

Remove the cream with a towel and rinse it with cool water

After 3 to 4 minutes, use a towel to remove the cream and the pubic hair off the region and give it a rinse to remove the residue of the cream. Since the area won’t become dry, the use of moisturizer after washing the area won’t be necessary.

Other Effective Methods That Are Safer Than Shaving

Here are some more procedures that you can opt for if you’re not the biggest fan of using sharp razor blades to shave your pubes!

Waxing at a Salon

If you’re too anxious about waxing your junk at home, leave it to the professionals. While it could require you to spend some of your savings, it will surely be worth the money! Waxing at a salon will bring to the table the most desirable outcome. It will be just as painful, but the chances of getting injured won’t even be present. The pubic region will be smooth and soft after the session concludes instead of feeling dry and itchy.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Before you even take this method into account, keep in mind that you might need a certified dermatologist to verify and confirm it before you are eligible.

Laser hair removal is expensive mainly since it’s permanent. It kills the follicles permanently through the use of light, dismissing the chances of growing hair down there for a lifetime.

Multiple sessions might need to be carried out before the hair loss is permanent, mainly due to the enormous amount of hair follicles that are present on the pubic region, which can take a chunk out of your wallet, but is worth it in the end.


Electrolysis Hair Removal

This is a permanent hair removing procedure and will also be carried out once it’s FDA approved. It involves a needle that enters the skin and destroys all the cells that one’s hair follicle contains. While it is painless, most users tend to feel a pinch when the needle is used. One might need to attend several sessions for 6 months or even a year before the pubic region is permanently hairless, which can be a bit expensive and time consuming.

Final Verdict

We hope these methods relieve your concerns about shaving and help you with coming to a decision. If you are a veteran in male grooming, perhaps you should trust yourself and follow the procedures you can carry out at home. However, if you’ve never done this before and have yet to acquire the basics about removing pubic hair, leave it to the pros. Shaving pubic hair is easier said than done, and shouldn’t be approached with a hesitant mind.

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