How Often Should You Manscape? Grooming Myth Finally Addressed!

When all is said and done, manscaping is a lifesaver for many. It encourages the increase of one’s self-esteem, simultaneously allowing them to have a more positive outlook on life. Regardless of all the advantages that the hygienic activity introduces to one’s life, many can’t help but wonder one question in particular: “How often should you manscape?”

Worry no more, however, as the priority of this article will be catered to addressing that never-ending query! We will also be addressing more topics that are directly related to manscaping in order to help you, our readers.

In short, while each body part grows hair at a different rate, it is ideal to manscape the entire body once every month for effective results. For maintenance, however, one needs to trim their body once every 2 to 3 weeks so that the uneven strands of hair don’t hamper the impact of their presence in a room full of desired people.

Moreover, the amount of times a man should carry out manscaping depends on a list of things. Although we have narrowed it down to the ones that matter the most, here are a few more questions linked to manscaping and one factor that plays a significant role in determining how often one should partake in that activity.

Body Hair and The Rate at Which It Grows in One’s Body

Body Hair Grow Rate

The rate of hair growth isn’t the same across the body. It tends to vary most of the time.
Even though body hair is always present due to the inclusion of testosterone in the body, the growth of it is dependent on multiple things. Factors such as genetics, age, diet, lifestyle play a key role in the growth rate of body hair. Other factors such as the blood circulation one possesses, the climate, and one’s stress levels also play a key role.

Furthermore, the growth rate of body hair is just as inconsistent as anything else in life, but stays consistent if one’s habits are on point and healthy.

For example, a healthy diet that is protein oriented will likely allow an individual to grow more hair as opposed to carb-oriented diets, mainly since protein plays a vital role when the density of one’s hair is the main subject.

Do I Need to Manscape Everyday?

While manscaping is a choice, manscaping everyday is an option. In other words, manscaping does not need to be carried out everyday. Doing so will remove a very small amount of hair, resulting in inefficient sessions.

Also, since manscaping requires a lot of time, it definitely won’t be ideal for a person to carry the activity out everyday, especially if their schedule is packed.

To sum it all up, manscaping should be carried out in all places only once every two to three weeks. People may opt for frequent sessions for more sensitive areas, but only if they feel the need to go for a clean up.

How Many Times Should I Manscape If My Skin is Sensitive?

Sensitive Skin Manscape

For those with sensitive skin, one manscaping session a month will be effective enough to achieve a successful outcome. Going overboard might result in drawbacks such as itchiness, and razor bumps, which will only be temporarily present on the skin, but will also be painful until the day they go away.

On the other hand, people whose skin is less prone to damage can trim off their body hair more regularly as opposed to those with sensitive skin, but it wouldn’t be wise to do so. Frequently shaving or trimming the skin will dehydrate the skin as it will remove a significant portion of the natural oils it tends to produce. To prevent that issue, however, moisturizing the skin on a regular basis might do the trick!

Why Does Each Body Part Come with a Different Manscaping Routine?

Diffrent Body Part Manscaping

Each body part grows hair at a different rate and grows hair of different density. Hair in sensitive areas might take a while to grow, while hair in areas that are regularly exposed might grow hair at a faster rate.
To Manscape in the perfect manner, one needs to plan out and create a routine that is convenient for every body part.

For example, sensitive areas such as the armpit and the pubic region should only be trimmed once every four weeks.

However, areas that often shy away from visibility, like the ear and nose, should only be cleaned up every two weeks.

Furthermore, for wider body parts like the chest, one can either follow an active routine where they  shave it every five days or come up with a plan that is as laid back as every other body part.


There you have it, folks! If you have skimmed through the article and missed out the main portion of it, then let us sum it up for you – you should only Manscape once every four weeks. Going over the limit might result in short term drawbacks such as razor bumps, nickels, and uneven patterns of body hair, which can definitely be battled with shaving foam, a razor blade, and an effective moisturizer!

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