How Fast Does Pubic Hair Grow? Grooming Myth Debunked

While the growth period mainly depends on our genetics and loads of other factors, we all grow hair “down there”, and it often takes a very short period of time to gain back the hair that is usually shaved off.

In this article, we’ll be addressing a question that is often wondered about by men around the world: “How fast does pubic hair really grow?”

Well, make sure to stick around till the end if you really are curious to find out more about the tales of your bush!

Addressing the Question: How Fast Does Pubic Hair Grow?

Pubic Hair Growth Cycle


Pubic hair might seem to be the polar opposite of hair on the scalp, as it tends to really grow out over a short period of time, but there’s definitely more to it!

In short, the pubic region follows the same hair growth cycle as any other body part. When trimmed, perhaps it will grow back in the span of 2 to 3 weeks. However, when completely shaved, pubic hair tends to start growing back after 3 weeks. On an average, it takes about 44 days for the pubic region to go through all the stages of the growth cycle before it grows hair “down there”.

The reason why it takes less time for pubic hair to grow as opposed to hair on the scalp is due to the area present in the region. As opposed to the scalp, the pubic region is smaller, which is the reason why hair tends to look more dense in the area. Moreover, since it’s almost always covered, the hair near the pubic region can grow out in an easier manner.

Moreover, there are loads of factors that affect one’s hair growth and the texture of their pubic hair. Listed below are the main four factors:

Genetics: Genetic factors are responsible for one’s hair type, color, density and texture. They are mostly responsible for one’s past, present, and future hair growth and even diseases that might affect the hair of the person.

Testosterone: This hormone promotes body hair growth in men. Having high levels of testosterone might allow a person to grow more body hair, which will simultaneously allow them to grow more pubic hair. Suffering from low levels of testosterone or even from a testosterone deficiency might make the appearance of pubic hair thinner and even make the strands fall out.

Physical Activity: Working out can work wonders for one’s body. When it comes to pubic hair, one tends to grow healthier strands when they are more physically active. This is because, when one partakes in physical activity, they release endorphins, which decrease stress. It also encourages more blood circulation to occur on the scalp and the body, allowing more hair to grow.

Nutrition: At the end of the day, what you consume to fuel your body matters. For best results, a person’s diet needs the involvement of loads of protein, carbs, fat, and micronutrients that are natural. As processed food mainly consists of nothing but chemicals, the nutritional value of it is extremely low as opposed to food that is freshly made.

How to make pubic hair grow faster?

Making Pubic Hair Grow Faster

Even though this query is very common to find, one cannot fasten the growth of their hair. However, while it cannot grow any faster, there are multiple steps one may take if they want to grow healthier and thicker strands.

To grow healthier hair, one must follow a clean diet that’s full of useful nutrients, especially carbs, protein, and fat. Some food items that will definitely improve the growth of their pubic hair are fish, almond nuts, leafy green vegetables, and low fat dairy products.

In addition to following a healthy diet, a person must refrain from partaking in recreational activities such as smoking and drinking, which tends to damage the organs and the frequency of blood flow around the body. They should also keep their stress to a minimum by working out on a regular basis, and stay away from processed food as much as possible.

Furthermore, to grow healthier strands of hair, one must follow a good grooming and cleaning routine. One needs to trim the hair near their pubic region regularly and wash their pubic hair thoroughly with shampoo when taking a shower. This will prevent the growth of lice on pubic hair, which is often painful to live with and extremely contagious.

Frequently Asked Questions

A priority of ours is to make the lives of our readers easier. To prove our commitment, listed below are some questions regarding pubic hair that we have addressed in detail.

Question: Is it healthy to shave pubic hair?

Answer: Leaving the pubic hair untouched will probably save you from nicks and cuts, but will also result in unhygienic consequences. When unshaved, hair tends to accumulate a lot more sweat than usual, which isn’t an ideal scenario for people living in areas with harsh weather conditions. Shaving, even trimming pubic hair will get rid of the odor and the sweat, which will definitely make a person feel cleaner and confident as a result.

Question: Why does one’s pubic hair grow back so fast?

Since the pubic region isn’t as wide, even the smallest amount of hair growth may visually deceive a person and make them think that it’s growing back in a faster manner. In reality, however, one’s pubic hair takes days, even months to recuperate and grow back in a healthier manner.

Question:  Is it better to wax or shave pubic hair?

The answer to this question varies. For instance, if you’re aiming for a clean shave with zero to little pubic hair, you should resort to waxing. However, if you want to save yourself from the painful procedure of waxing and don’t want to get a Brazilian wax, settling for a trim or even gliding a razor down your bush would be the better option.

Final Thoughts

We hope this write-up helps you with knowing more about pubic hair and gives you reassurance on your pubic hair growth. We also hope we address all the questions that you’ve had regarding pubic hair and encourage you to grow healthier strands through the use of the beneficial tips mentioned in this article.

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