Does Shaving Bum Hair Reduce Sweat? Things To Know Before Shaving The Cheeks

Sweating is normal. In fact, people get so lost when looking down on sweating, they don’t realize why it exists: To control body temperature.

Regardless of how beneficial it may be to the human body, it is one of the more unpleasant functions that people could have lived without. Apart from making everything around us damp, sweating releases an unpleasant odor which is uncomfortable in most cases.

Although some of the visible areas that sweat on the regular can be controlled and eliminated effectively, on the other end of the spectrum lies hidden body parts that are often hard to invigilate and clean. One of them happens to be the buttocks.

Even though sweating around the cheeks is normal, it is extremely inconvenient and heightens one’s anxiety almost always, and while shaving the bum can save you by minimizing the sweat, it won’t solve the issue permanently. Why, you ask? Move on to the next segment to find the answer!

Brutal Reasons Why Your Bum Is Generating Excessive Sweat

Prevent Having Swamp Ass

Just like everything else in life, there are plenty of reasons why one faces the horror of having a sweaty bum. It could be due to their active lifestyle, but can also be noticeable due to their taste in fashion.

Moving on, here are the actual reasons for having an unusually sweaty rear end.

Weather Condition

If you live in a region that is known for how humid it is, perhaps you need to relocate to minimize your butt’s sweaty habit.

This is because, when the temperature of the environment is high, our sweat glands act up. This results in a scenario where our body releases the sweat glands at an enormous rate, which makes us sweat profusely. While it is mainly carried out to reduce our body temperature, sweating behind the crotch area is clearly not the best feeling in the world.

Stress Hormones

Just like how our body releases dopamine and serotonin when we’re happy, our body releases stress hormones when we’re sad. In addition to that, when suffering from feelings of stress, one’s body might cope with it by increasing in terms of temperature, opening doors for sweat glands to pop up unexpectedly.

This, as a result, can make our whole body, including the region of the bum, accumulate moisture and release sweat at a faster rate than usual, which can be prevented by taking a shower.

An Active Lifestyle

Apart from the previous two factors, if you partake in physical activity and have certain sports as some of your hobbies, perhaps you have a sweaty bum because of your vigorous routine.

When working out or playing sports, our body tends to burn calories, which it does so by reducing water weight and fat through sweat. As it reaches all the parts of our body, having a sweaty bum as a result is considered normal.

In addition to the intensity of the activity and burning calories, one also tends to sweat during physical activities due to their attire. This may be due to the neutral color combination that the outfit attains, but can also be due to the fabric it’s made of.

Tight Clothing

If you regularly wear skinny fit pants to express your taste in fashion, perhaps you should reconsider the habit for the betterment of your rear end.

Since compact clothing items have little to no breathability, they tend to retain moisture. Not only does it increase the volume of sweat you produce, but it also makes you accumulate a massive amount of sweat in a short span of time, which is a trait that can be considered special, but only if you’re seeking to drive everyone away.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Having Swamp Ass In The Future


While the sweat can’t be erased permanently, there are loads of methods that one can take up and various changes one can make to their daily routine to control how much their rear sweats on the regular. From taking up the act of shaving to using products to maintain good hygiene, here are the easiest solutions to refrain from having a moisty rear!

Shave Your Rear-end on the Daily

While the results are no short of amazing, carrying out the process of shaving might be a bit challenging. However, with the right tools, mindset, and technique, anyone can meet their desirable requirements with zero to little drawbacks.

In most cases, shaving an area does allow it to accumulate less sweat. Because strands of hair tend to retain a lot of moisture, chopping them off an area as compact as the bum will definitely work wonders for anyone, especially during summer, which is known as the clammy season!In addition to getting rid of excessive moisture, shaving the bum will also prevent unpleasant odors from occurring in the first place. Although it will still release an ample amount of sweat, the liquid produced by the glands won’t be as apparent in terms of smell if it’s shaved on a regular basis, which is a good form of hygiene.

So, if you want to control the clammy habit your buttocks have with a temporary and accessible  solution, you are more than welcome to take up the act of shaving.

On another note, if you have never shaved the area before, make sure to check out this article. Not only does it have a simple guideline to how one can shave their bum hair effectively through the means of a razor, but it also has other methods that are just as compelling and convenient as the act of shaving.

Say Hello to Comfy Clothes

In an era where fitting clothes matter, it’s rather difficult to adjust to wearing baggy outfits. However, if your primary concern is to control the amount of sweat your buttocks produce, consider changing up your wardrobe.Purchase clothes that are made of light fabric such as cotton, and incorporate a silhouette that is convenient and comfortable enough for your bottom portion to adapt to. Doing so will not only save you from being in awkward scenarios, but will also prevent your body from heating up in compact environments.

Purchase Baby Powder

While you can’t use a deodorant to fight the sweat glands that are present near the bum area, you can always resort to baby powder. Similarly to deodorant, using baby powder will prevent the region from heating up, and absorb the moisture that is present.Furthermore, if your skin is sensitive and using baby powder only makes things even worse for you, consult a doctor and purchase a medicated baby powder. Since a medicated baby powder is fragrance free and contains organic ingredients, it will surely change things for the better.

Have a Plan B

While the three methods mentioned above will surely prevent one from having swamp ass, one can’t simply go wrong by having a Plan B.

In this scenario, plan B involves having an extra pair of pants when things don’t pan out in your favor.  Whether you’re playing your favorite sport, or going on a day trip with friends, having a spare pair of pants will not only make you feel safe, but also allow you to live each moment without any stress whatsoever.

Final Verdict

All in all, while shaving is a great way to beat the sweat and odor that the bum area accumulates, it shouldn’t be your cup of tea if you’re seeking a permanent solution.

In fact, as much as we’d like to entertain your thoughts of having a sweat-free bum, we can’t assure you that shaving or any other form of grooming methods will stop your rear from becoming damp, as that mainly depends on your genetics, your diet, and the environment you’re in.

Furthermore, while you can’t really stop it from sweating, apart from shaving, you can decrease the volume of sweat that your bum accumulates by wearing clothes with lighter color schemes as well as softer materials. You can also wash the area on a regular basis to reduce sweat and oil build-up, two features that make the area moister than it should be.

Additionally, if your problems still don’t go away after following all these remedies, reach out to a doctor. While sweating is normal, excessive sweating may reveal underlying health conditions, which can only cease to exist through the use of effective medication.

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