Best Butt Shaver: Our Top 7 Picks With Buying Guide

Shaving your ass can be classified as one of the most difficult challenges that men are still struggling to overcome. Be it for your partner’s desire or your personal preference, the demand is still on to achieve the smooth butt texture with no hair.

To give you some comfort, our experts bring you a list of 7 A-grade ass shavers in the market that you can purchase after briefly discussing the difficulties of butt shaving. They have also sorted out the features you should look for in your best butt shaver, justified why you should have a separate shaver for your butt, and have answered some frequently asked questions in this field.

So, scroll down right now to learn all there is to know about ass shavers and surprise your partner with your cleanly shaved ass!

Top 7 Butt Shaver Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
Lawn Mower 4.090 Minutes
Wireless Charging System
Check Price
Cleancut ES412C-Cell Battery
Designed for Sensitive Area
Check Price
Meridian - The Trimmer 90 Minutes
6000 Strikes Per Minute
Check Price
Mangroomer Body Groomer60 minutes
8 Length Settings
Check Price
Philips Norelco BG1026/60 AA Battery
Skin Protector Guards
Check Price
Philips Norelco QP6510/70 60 Minutes
Unique OneBlade Technology
Check Price
Philips Norelco BG7030/49 80 Minutes
Worldwide Voltage Charger
Check Price

What Are The Most Common Ass Shaver Challenges?

Ass shaving is a piece of work that requires the highest order of attention, patience and proper instruments. Shaving your ass with regular shavers comes with some of the most complex challenges that can throw you off your guard and may end up needing to run to the doctor. Before we check out the best butt shaver devices, we must learn to address what difficulties you’ll have to face should you choose to try this with regular shavers or trimmers.

Areas Difficult To Reach

Difficult to Reach the Ass

Difficulty to reach the shaving area is a very common challenge when you’re shaving your butt. We are always used to shaving at a convenient spot, like our face, chest or pubic region. But twisting your body and arms to reach the part that you can’t even properly see is a mountainous task, and when you’re having to run some blades like that, it just takes the entire thing to a whole new level.

Adding to that, shaving between your butt crack requires you to spread them open with one hand and shave with another, which in total is a near-impossible job for regular face shavers or trimmers.

Discomfort To Skin

Regular face shavers or hair trimmers are particularly made for those areas where your skin isn’t highly sensitive. Face skin has its own texture that allows you to shave effortlessly, so does the scalp. But the skin of your ass isn’t so strong that it can withhold any contact with a blade. Also, shaving with a regular shaver causes discomfort afterwards, like rashes or patches as well as post-shave frictions. Specialized shavers have the ability to significantly minimize these issues.

Risk Of Accidental Cuts

Risk Of Accidental Cuts

Getting accidental nicks or cuts is something we’ve all faced while trying to shave our butt. As we have to reach sensitive territories out of vision and run blades blindly on an uneven, sensitive surface, it would only require a miracle to avoid getting cuts or burns while ass shaving. Regular shavers aren’t made for these purposes and don’t provide additional facility to accommodate your butt skin texture, which is a huge challenge if you were planning on shaving with such tools.

Limited Accessories

If you are thinking of shaving with regular shavers or trimmers – think again! These are solely made for face or hear regions and the accessories they come with are designed particularly to those areas. This becomes a huge challenge in trying to use these units in one of your most sensitive areas. What you’d need is all the specialized accessories that cater to your butt shaving needs to give you the most convenient shaving experience that regular shavers will never be able to do.

Top 7 Butt Shavers: Expert Choices

There are plenty of shavers in the market that specialize in particular areas of your body. But when it comes to shaving your ass, your choices become more difficult. Our experts have explored the market and compiled down a list of top-notch ass shavers that will give you the finest of butt shaves with utmost comfort.

MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0

MANSCAPED is one of the most prominent brands that bring you electric body trimmers of the highest quality, and the Law Mower 4.0 is nothing short of a deluxe shaver for your butt. Equipped with some of the latest technology, this unit of trimmer seeks to ease your every butt shaving discomfort.

The Lawn Mower features replaceable ceramic blade heads made of their patented SkinSafe™ technology. It focuses on preserving the skin health of your butt while the ceramic blades run the smoothest of operations, giving you a highly satisfactory result in the shortest possible time.

Weighing only 0.5 lbs, this lightweight ass shaver allows for versatile operations on your butt and between the crack. Since it’s battery powered, you won’t have to struggle with a cord and the waterproof certification renders it capable of being used in the shower.

Get Lawn Mower™ 4.0 at Amazon

This shaver comes with trimming guards to protect you from accidental cuts and has the flexibility of changing your blades on a regular basis. The body is rust proof and sturdy, making it one of the most durable ass shavers in the list. The battery can run this shaver 90 minutes relentlessly in one charge and the tri-level LED indicator shows your charging level instantly.

Overall, this device can be the best butt shaver in the market that gives you the perfect result and can satisfy your partner with your smoothly shaved butt.

CLEANCUT ES412 – Designed for Stubble & Short Hair Maintenance

Clean Cut ES412

The CLEANCUT ES412 is a highly unique shaver that isn’t made to perform orthodox shaving errands, rather it is specifically made for your short hair maintenance. Be it your groin or your ass, this is a device that translates convenience from its design to distinct features.

The ES412 is targeted to clean your sensitive areas only, that includes your butt. The captivating bodywork is made out of stainless steel and it surprisingly weighs only 0.31 lbs. Such a lightweight device with shaving precision makes it a strong contender to be the best butt shaver you can possibly think of!

Get CLEANCUT ES412 at Amazon

This ass shaver unit utilizes foil shaving as its head, and it is a perfect choice for shaving the outgrown hair on your ass. Foil head ensures that you don’t accidentally cut yourself and minimizes any chance of getting snagged or pulled. This quality alone places it as one of the most comfortable ass shavers for the consumers.

This device runs on a C-cell battery that lasts long enough for you to complete your ass shaving convincingly. For an effective session, you can dust some powder over your butt and run the shaver over, and it’ll glide smoothly like an airplane while removing all the unwanted hair.

Overall, this CLEANCUT unit will give you a butt shave of such an extraordinary level so conveniently that you’ll never find any other ass shaver this useful!

Meridian Electric Body & Pubic Hair Trimmer

Meridian Electric Body and Pubic hair Trimmer

Meridian is a brand that has recently made their mark on the body trimming industry with some of their reliable and efficient trimmers. Their electric trimmer seeks to minimize all your ass shaving related dilemmas and offer you a shaved butt as smooth as a pancake!

This super lightweight device from Meridian weighs only over 0.27 lbs which makes shaving your difficult regions easy for longer sessions. It allows flexibility and reaching tough spots at dynamic angles. This is a battery powered unit which enhances this capability and diminishes any need for messing around with cord lengths. Also, you’ll be able to run this device for up to 90 minutes at one go, which is more than necessary for butt-shaving.

Get Meridian – The Trimmer at Amazon

It features replaceable ceramic blades that are well-suited for sensitive skins of your butt and give you an effortless shaving session with no cut or tug. The extra-sensitive shaving technology by Meridian makes the blades perform 6000 strokes per minute, that’ll make it glide over your ass like a knife on butter.

The anti-knick shaving guard in this device spares you any accidental cuts, and shock-proof as well as waterproof bodywork lets you carry your butt shaving into your shower for wet operations. If you feel your blades have gone blunt, you can easily replace them and be pleased with a renewed sense of sharpness.

To sum up, this is a handy device that features the most relevant technologies required to give you a clean and enjoyable shaving adventure, and you can call it the best butt shaver after using it for your personal grooming.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer

Mangroomer Max Plus Body Groomer

MANGROOMER makes it into our list yet again with their Lithium Max Plut Body Groomer device with the most aesthetically pleasing design! Paired with the most relevant features necessary for butt shaving, this device is something you should definitely consider for your grooming needs!

Unlike any other ass shaver, this one by MANGROOMER is hypoallergenic, which means, it won’t cause any sort of allergic reaction to your butt skin. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, you must give this device a try, but of course after consulting with your dermatologist.

The bodywork of this device is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and good looking. The fancy part of this device is, it is actually 2 shavers into 1! At one end it features a trimmer and on the other a foil shaver. Best of both worlds in one device and it only weighs 1.2 lbs!

The two shaver heads perform unique tasks individually, removing your needs of having a second device for the same purpose. The trimmer has 8 adjustable settings for varying length of hair, while the foil head features a shock-absorbing multi-functional flex neck. It follows the contour of your butt and delivers the smoothest possible result without any accidental cuts or tugs!

This is a waterproof device that can be used to shave in wet conditions as well. The battery featured in this device is a lithium MAX PLUS+ that lasts 5x longer than regular batteries and comes with a green/red light charging indicator. Once it’s fully charged, you can easily do your trimming and shaving bids and still have leftover charges in the battery.

Overall, this is a device that’ll save you money by giving you two devices in one, lets you shave your butt effortlessly and cause no irritation. Our experts think that it is the best butt shaver in the market, if not, then one of the best undoubtedly.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 [BG1026/60]

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

If we’re listing the best butt shaver for you, and don’t include Philips Norelco shavers then it would most certainly be a crime. Equipped to satisfy all of your butt shaving needs, this unique shaver has won over many hearts of the butt-shaving enthusiasts.

This shaver from the Bodygroom Series by Philips features a bi-directional trimmer that can cut your body hair in both directions. The shaving head incorporates a rotary blade which is convincing if you consider shaving your butt with this. Having the ability to shave in both ways will give you the flexibility of shaving the hair between your buttcheeks effortlessly at one go.

This is a battery powered ass shaver that requires one AA battery which makes it highly portable. It comes with a skin protector guard that is designed to protect sensitive skin and it sets this device up to be the best butt shaver possible. It is also water and showerproof, so shaving in both dry and wet conditions is part of this device’s forte.

This is one of the most low-maintenance butt shavers you can find on the market because it is designed in this particular way to make your life easier. It is easy to clean and you’ll find better results if you use it on your dry butt hair.

All combined together, this is the most budget-friendly ass shaver with the most convincing shaving capability that demands little to no post-shave attention, and has the potential to be your butt shaving companion on a regular basis.

Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver [QP6510/70]

Philips Norelco OneBalde Pro Hybrid

Philips Norelco relentlessly designs shavers for your precise needs and releases them on the market to make your butt shaving ventures significantly straight-forward and convenient. Their Oneblade Pro Hybrid electric shaver and trimmer lands to do just that, and give you a new taste of comfort that you’ve never felt before.

Weighing only 0.68 lbs, this user-oriented device is made to be the best butt shaver featuring two separate types of shaving mechanisms with a single device. It comes with interchangeable shaver and trimmer heads and helps you in your ass shaving ordeals to go smoother than ever with only one device.

The shaver head blades are replaceable and can last up to 4 months, while the trimmer head comes with 12 adjustable length to cater precisely to your taste. You can shave your butt and trim your balls with the same shaver, just swap out the shaver heads and you’re ready for action!

The shaver blade doesn’t close as closely as traditional blades, leaving room for error without causing any accidental cuts. It includes a rechargeable battery that can shave for 60 minutes at one go. The shaver body has an LED display to tell you specifically how much charge is remaining.

There is glide coating on the shaving blades paired with rounded tips that are particularly designed to protect your ass skin from harm. This renders it able to follow the bumps and contours of your skin even at the most unconvincing angles and comes out at the end with the smoothest pair of buns!

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 [BG7030/49]

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco 7000 Series bodygrooms have set the standard of ass shavers at such a high level that is unmatched by most other shavers out in the market. This unique device will teach you the beauty of premium shaving experience and leave you with the smoothest butt texture.

Philips introduces this 2 in 1 device that features on end with a trimmer and the other a rotary foil shaver. The trimmer end can be used for removing the longer portions of your ass hair, while the rotary end can finish off the residue. The rounded blades of the rotary portion are designed in a unique way to protect the sensitive areas of your skin and operate on the risky territories.

This device comes with an ergonomic grip that allows for versatile operation, and the waterproof technology lets you use the rotary blades inside the shower! And the rubber grip will give you firm control over your operation without letting it slip out of your palms at certain angles.

It includes a very powerful lithium battery that can run relentlessly for 80 minutes with only 1 hour of charge. The 4-directional pivoting head of the foil portion makes ass hair shaving effortless and removes all room for tugs, burns or cuts.

Overall, if you believe that money CAN bring happiness, then this shaver is a living example of that. The best butt shaver of the highest order that will cater perfectly to your ass shaving needs.

How To Pick The Best Butt Shaver In 2023?

A lot of ass shavers are marketed as the best butt shavers, but they often lack the qualities that are of utmost importance and aspects that you shouldn’t compromise with. Based on extensive research, we were able to draw out the best and most necessary features for the best butt shaver paired with the latest technology in 2023, that you must consider before picking your next ass shaver.

Ergonomic Design

Your best butt shaver should most certainly come with an ergonomic design. This design should allow you to get a firm grip on the device so that you can perform your shaving at the most challenging of angles. Also, having rubber grip on the body will ensure that it doesn’t slip out while shaving in wet conditions.

If the body of the shaver gets too heavy, you’ll lose butt shaving efficiency and might end up with numb fingers. Having a strongly built shaver should last you for a long time as well. So, making sure that your ass shaver has a reliable and convenient design should be at the top of your priority list.

Powerful Motor

The best and most comfortable shave is often ensured by the shaver motor’s power level. Having a less powerful motor often leads to unprecedented incidents and causes discomfort during and after shaving your butt. If you choose an ass shaver with a powerful motor, this will ensure that there’s no pull or snag on your butt hair while shaving, and give you the smoothest finishing that you can hope for. Be it for your partner or for yourself, the fine hairless texture of your butt after a shave with a strong motor would never have felt this good before.

Comfortable Blade

Your butt skin features a highly sensitive skin texture on your body that requires the most delicate of touches, and rubbing it with a sharp blade is no short of living through a terrible nightmare. So the best butt shaver should definitely include comfortable blades to make the butt-blade contact more friendly and convenient. Shaving with a comfortable blade will ensure your butt doesn’t face any skin related issues afterwards and cause you any sort of discomfort. Also, using such a blade can make your butt shaving experience go as smooth as silk.


Portability is one of the must have qualities for the best butt shaver. Because you might want to shave at a diverse angle and prefer to shave in the shower. Having to negotiate with cables during an already complex procedure will only slow you down and create room for trouble. So, you should certainly pick a portable ass shaver for your butt shaving journey to go down effortlessly.

Waterproof Shaving Capability

Where you want to shave your butt is totally up to your preference, be that in the shower or on top of your toilet floor. Regardless of the location, you may want to buy a device that can shave in both dry and wet conditions. Shavers that are capable of dry shaving will make your life easier in the sense that you’ll be able to shave most of the hair directly. You can pull the hair, run your shaver and won’t leave behind a lot.

But shavers that are capable of wet shaving will let you take them inside the shower and shave in wet conditions. Shaving your ass wet or with shaving cream will give you the utmost comfort and minimize irritation caused by skin-blade friction. This also creates less hairy mess than dry shaving, and makes your cleaning more effortless. Picking a shaver that can do both will give you the ultimate flexibility.

Battery Life

While picking the best butt shaver, you should check out the runtime on the battery for your device. Having a shaver that has a short battery life can make your existing challenge more troublesome. Imagine your shaver dying on you when you’re midway through shaving your butt. I don’t want to stress on the level of inconvenience it can cause you, because you can already understand clearly. Having an ass shaver that can run relentlessly throughout your entire shaving operation would be a huge advantage for you in the long run.

Why Should You Buy A Separate Shaver For Ass?

Separate Shaver For Ass

If you’re tempted to use your face shaver to shave your ass, then let me stop you right there. This practice is highly discouraged for a number of health and comfort related reasons. Take a look at the section below to have a better understanding of why you need to buy a separate shaver for your ass shaving needs.

Hygiene Concerns

Shaving your face and butt with the same shaver can be one of the most unhealthy practices that you can think of. Your butt is an area filled with all sorts of bacteria that are highly baleful for your other skin regions. These bacterias develop due to the butt hair based sweat for a prolonged duration and for the lack of ventilation. When you use your regular shaver to shave your butt and then use it on your face, it is only a matter of shaving sessions that you might find your face infected with bacteria that forces you to see your doctor. So,

Specialized Shaver For A Comfortable Session

Shavers and trimmers are always made for particular regions of your body. Face shavers are meant to give you comfort for a facial shave, and so would a body shaver for your body. It is your responsibility to pick out a shaver that is specialized for your unique requirements. The best butt shaver should be targeted to your sensitive regions for the maximum shaving convenience and comfort. Using devices specialized to your butt shaving needs will set you up for the most comfortable but shaving experience.

Butt Skin Health

Taking care of your skin health is a highly important activity that you must maintain, be that the skin of your face or the skin of your ass. And in terms of picking a shaver for your ass, you must select one that is able to retain the softness and health of your butt after each shaving session. Unlike face shavers, the ones that are built to shave your ass reduce the chances of accidental cuts or doing skin damages, and this quality should always concern you over many other features. Having a separate shaver will guarantee that your butt skin remains smooth and shiny with no damage.


Butt shaving is an area that is not often talked about, and that leaves curious minds with more queries. To satisfy all your butt shaving knowledge related thirst, this section of our article attempts to answer some of the commonly asked questions on the internet related to ass shaving.

Q: Is it a good idea to shave off my butt hair?

A: Shaving your butt hair is not always recommended by medical officers, since most people cause accidental damages to themselves while trying to shave areas out of sight. But if you are cautious, have the right tools and prefer to have your butt hair shaved, then you can go forward with it.

Q: Do men shave their butts?

A: Although it might sound surprising, a lot of men shave their butt quite frequently. The beauty industry has accepted this practice as a regular activity and made this a part of male beauty standards.

Q: Why does my butt hole itch when I shave it?

A: Butt hole skin is a highly sensitive spot. Longer hair down there causes less pain, and shaving them off makes the area pointy and you’ll be prone to some irritation for a couple of weeks. This may be the reason your butt hole itches when you shave it.

Q: What age can a boy shave his butt?

A: There’s no restriction of age in terms of shaving butts, but it would be unwise if you attempt to do it at an early age. You must be of a certain level of maturity to properly understand all the downsides this practice has, and if you still want to proceed, then it should solely be based on your choice.

Q: Will it look bad if I shave just my butt hair and leave my legs hairy?

A: Aesthetics is preferential, but generally shaving your butt and leaving the legs hairy can cause some distractions. You can shave your legs off too with a body shaver to make both areas look seamless and smooth.

Final Thoughts

We hope our detailed analysis and feature reviews will help you pick the perfect ass shaver in the long run. Remember, there is nothing called the best butt shaver, rather the one that suits your needs precisely is your perfect choice.

And reading through the feature review section for our top 7 picks, must-have ass shaver qualities and ass shaving difficulties, you’ll have a comprehensive idea before searching on the internet for how to shave your butt. We wish you a safe and comfortable butt shaving journey ahead.

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