Braun Series 9 vs. Series 9 Pro: When The Old Meets The New!

As we grow older, trading your baby face for rocking a bearded look becomes more and more intriguing. While growing facial hair is without a doubt one of the more exciting and relatively easier things to do when entering adulthood, looking good while doing it could become more challenging with each day. However, that issue can always be kept under control with the help of a good quality shaver.

Amongst one of the leading shaving brands lies Braun, which has sealed its legacy in the world of grooming products with the range of efficient electric shavers it has produced over the past few decades or so.

While Braun has been releasing foil shavers since the 50s, two of the leading electric foil shavers that the company has today are the Braun Series 9 and 9 Pro; two items that could very well be trusted with all your grooming issues. And if you’re intrigued to learn about their potential, benefits, and how different the Braun Series 9 Pro is in contrast to the Series 9, buckle up and skim through this issue of ours, which unveils all the differences, uses, and highlights all the similarities of Braun Series 9 vs. 9 Pro!

Summary Table : Braun Series 9 vs. Series 9 Pro

Now that we’ve effectively covered all the pros that make the Series 9 Pro a more favourable investment to look forward to, provided a list of similarities that makes both gadgets rather appealing, and given the list of phases you’ll experience when using both the trimmers, the decision making should be easy. However, if you zoned out when skimming through the previous segments, here’s a table that should be sufficient at giving you an effective recap!

Models Braun Series 9 Pro Braun Series 9
Pivoting Head 10-D, 4 in 1 Blade Technology 10-D, 4 in 1 Blade Technology
Trimmer ProLift Lift and Cut
Battery Life And Running Time 90 Minutes 60 Minutes
Safety-Lock Sliding Toggle Button; More Compact Traditional Button; Under The Pivoting Head
Price Check Price Check Price

Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9

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Despite being a bit backdated, the Braun Series 9 has remarkable specifications that can serve anyone efficiently and are good enough to compete with newer models.

The 4 in 1 blade that it’s made of can come in very handy if you’re looking to shave your stubble in a matter of minutes, but stands out the most when wiping out a 3-day beard to the maximum, especially if you hold the skin taut. The material used for the blade is also very generous on one’s skin, further adding to the device’s appeal.

Since it’s been years since its release, the Li-Ion battery used in the Braun Series 9 could prove to be insufficient for professionals. However, the 60 minute running time it provides can still be more than enough for multiple shaving sessions, and a few lengthy male grooming sessions.

The Braun Series 9 comprises a lean build, a silver chrome colour scheme, and stands out with its LED display. It also has a safety-lock button placed right above the power button, which is typically utilised when going on trips. Underneath the power button is an LED display, which closely monitors the battery life of the gadget.

In addition to receiving the foil shaver, the packaging of the Braun Series 9 contains a charging stand and cleaning station, a travel pouch, cleaning fluid, and documentation.

Overall, the Braun Series 9 isn’t just effective for a quick shave, but is also a good product that you may look into if your budget is moderate. Additionally, if you’re looking to make a first big purchase, getting a Braun Series 9 should be sufficient!  

Braun Series 9 Pro

Braun Series 9 Pro

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The Braun Series 9 Pro is without a doubt the successor of the Series 9, but the specifications that it has in contrast to that of its predecessor’s are eerily similar.

Just like the Series 9, the Series 9 Pro is made of Braun’s 4 + 1 blade technology, and is known for being efficient. However, the trimmer also comprises the new ProLift method, which can remove even the most stubborn piece of hair! In short, the material of the blade isn’t just good at clearing out 3-day old facial hair, but also specialises in removing a 7 day old beard without a hassle. Additionally, according to multiple reviewers, the blade of the Series 9 Pro is also more skin-friendly than that of the other models.

Unlike most of the models in the 9 Series, the Braun Series 9 Pro has a Li-Ion battery that can run for a total time of 90 minutes with a fully charged battery. In other words, the Series 9 Pro can always offer you a shaving experience in which you can take all the time you need!

Perhaps the icing on the cake is the new travel case that the 9 Pro has, which features a built-in charging system. While the feature does stand out when going on a trip, the new charging system is also one of the many reasons behind the device’s increase in price!

Since the Series 9 Pro was released at a much later time, it does have multiple features that are non-existent on the previous models. While the improved battery is one of the most prominent additions, another impressive modification involves the safety-lock button, which has a flick-on system instead of a sliding system. In contrast to the safety-lock system in the other models, the Series 9 Pro’s is more compact, presentable, and carved in.

When all is said and done, the Braun Series Pro is a promising tool to place your trust in. This ergonomically designed gadget is good at its job, is easy to travel with, and has a blade that can get rid of your 7-day old scruffy beard in a jiffy!

Braun Series 9 vs. 9 Pro: Highlights, Differences, Similarities, And More!

At the end of the day, despite being a few years apart from one another, both the Braun Series 9 and Series 9 Pro can be great tools to count on if obtaining a clean shave is one of the main priorities.

Due to being cut from the same cloth, you might find tons of traits that the Series 9 shares with the Series 9 Pro. However, since the 9 Pro is the successor, it has various features that separates the model, making them drastically dissimilar in various ways as well. From having a new safety-lock to containing a battery that is slightly more powerful, here are all the ways in which Braun’s Series 9 Pro is different from the Series 9!Build and Design Difference

Build and Design

Now, by looking into their release dates, you might think the design of the Series 9 Pro is substantially better than that of the Series 9. However, although it does contain modifications and new elements, both the Series 9 models look like twins from afar, and can be counted as ergonomically designed gadgets.

When examined from a much closer radius, however, you’ll catch a glimpse of the 9 Pro’s safety-lock button, which is narrowly designed, and looks more like a toggle button in contrast to the sliding button of the Series 9. On top of being more visually appealing, the new safety-lock button is also more convenient when travelling, as the compact nature of it makes the safety-lock button less likely to turn on unintentionally inside bags and luggages.

Additionally, while the safety-lock buttons are different, everything else remains the same. Both items have the same power button, and also contain the same LED display that acts as a battery indicator.


From a technological standpoint, the results that you’ll get through using a Series 9 and a Series 9 Pro should be virtually identical in most cases. Since they both comprise the same 4+1 blade technology, the trimmers will give you a clean shave without damaging your skin by any means.

However, with the new ProLift trimmer of the Series 9 Pro, shaving stubborn pieces of facial hair should be a flawless activity to carry out. Additionally, as the blade of the Series 9 is also more sharp and precise, you can efficiently trim your 3-day old beard as well as remove every ounce of your 7-day old beard without a worry! 

Battery Life

Another element that gives the Braun Series 9 Pro the edge over the Series 9 model is its new Li-Ion battery, which gives the device a running time of 90 minutes. The duration of the battery life could very well be an incentive to those that are hoping to use this gadget for professional purposes, as the Series 9 Pro provides a running time that is 30 minutes longer than that of the Braun Series 9.

New Features, Safety-lock and Travel Case

New Features: Safety-lock, New Travel Case, and More

With the Series 9 Pro, you won’t just obtain a better user experience when travelling due to the new design of its safety-lock button, but also get a better travel case, which comprises a built-in charger. While the differences still remain minimal, these bonuses that you’ll receive by purchasing the Series 9 Pro will only exist in theory if you side with the Series 9 model.

Price Tag

Due to offering more accessories, attributes, and a better shaving experience, the price tag of the Braun Series 9 Pro is considerably higher than the value of the Series 9.

While the new features of the Series 9 Pro can very well be enticing enough to justify its current price, the value of it could prove to be a bit too much for you if you’re working around a moderate budget, and might leave a dent in your savings as well.

However, that’s when the Series 9 model comes in. For a price of $289, you can get similar results with the Series 9. Additionally, you will also get a similar amount of accessories while spending relatively less too!

Final Takeaway: The Braun Series 9 Pro Is Definitely Worth The Upgrade!

In conclusion, the Braun Series 9 is still an exceptional piece of equipment that can prove to be very beneficial when put to use. It contains a build that can fit seamlessly into one’s hand, has a Li-Ion battery which can operate for 60 minutes at one go, and can give you optimal results when getting rid of a stubble.

However, despite being staggering as a trimmer, the Series 9 Pro is still the better tool when thrown in a bout against its predecessor, and our recommended pick between the two models.

While purchasing the Series 9 Pro could cause you discomfort due to its astonishing price tag, the new ProLift system, safety-lock system, and power travel case that you’ll find in the packaging will definitely make the decision anything but regretful. Additionally, since the battery it has is also more resilient than that on the Series 9, and can run for 90 minutes in total, the Series 9 Pro can definitely be a desirable tool to put your money in, especially if it’s for professional use.

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