7 Best Groin Trimmers For Men To Let Your Pubes Breathe Fresh Air

A large number of men deem pubic hair to be an unnecessary trouble for their body and seek refuge to the best pubic hair trimmer for men to resolve this crisis. According to a study by the Cosmopolitan magazine, approximately 69% of men shave their pubes, and 25% of them run into accidental injuries.

This happens due to two major reasons: one is, not knowing how to trim sensitive areas properly, and the second & most important reason is, not using a proper instrument to shave those regions.

Our article here aims at saving you from these complexities with information researched by our experts. This article tells you how you can pick the best groin trimmer for men from the market with some of the most useful & efficient buying options.

It also justifies the reason behind making a separate trimmer purchase by exploring the risks of using a face shaver on your family jewels. To further clarify your doubts, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions on the internet regarding pubic hair trimmers.

It’s not too late to educate yourself on this matter, and scrolling till the end will provide you all the necessary information you need to make your pubic area look nice & clean effortlessly.

Why Do You Need A Specialized Pubic Hair Trimmer?

Our study has found that a lot of men use the same shaver for their face and their pubic region. This is not the way to treat your body for a number of valid reasons, and we’ll tell you what those are:

Accidental Cuts

Regular shavers are meant to be used on your face or head, but not for the pubic region. Using such trimmers to cut down your sacred bushes can often result in unpleasant & unwanted situations like accidental cuts. Come on, we’ve all been there!

Having a specialized pubic hair trimmer can spare you this pain and give you surprisingly welcome results. Getting such a shaver cuts down your risk by a significant margin, and you’ll be amazed to see the level of comfort it can offer you.

Risky Areas

Specialized Pubic Hair Trimmer Is Able to Done The job In Risky Areas

Your risky areas require delicate care that only specialized shavers are able to provide. Imagine using your regular trimmer on your balls and find it to be ineffective since it wasn’t meant for that location. From the root of your penis to the valley between your legs – regular trimmers can cause you all sorts of problems that might take weeks to get resolved. Thus you should get a trimmer well-acquainted with your sensitive spots.

Chances Of Contamination

Using the same shaver on your face and your pubic region is a highly unhealthy practice. Your genitalia remains inside your pants all day that results in sweat. Such humidity and dirt gives birth to all sorts of bacteria and fungus.

While your pubic region is immune to them, your face certainly isn’t. And using one razor for both purposes can create an infectious outbreak on your face that might require prolonged medical attention to be fully cured. Why risk that, right? Just get a specialized trimmer already.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is one of the most painful experiences to have on your skin, and getting it on your pubic region or your balls can cause such a level of agony that you may never have experienced in your life.

Ingrown hairs will take a long time to be sorted out, and using generic shavers on your pubes has a higher chance of making it happen. Play safe by getting a specialized pubic hair trimmer and minimize such unfortunate incidents that can cost your soul a lot of suffering.

7 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers For Men in 2023

Searching through pages and finding suitable pubic hair trimmers can certainly be a toilsome task. For your convenience, our experts have done the research for you, and listed down 7 of the most convincing, safe and efficient pube shavers right down below.

MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, The Lawn Mower™ 3.0

MANSCAPED’s 3rd generation pubic hair trimmer is one of the most revered shavers in the market to clean your genital area. Lawn Mower 3.0 can remove all the bushes below your belt without you noticing any irritation or pain, and it can become a permanent pubes cleaning choice for years to come.

This stylish device comes in a dark knight black and it features advanced SkinSafe Technology ceramic blades patented by MANSCAPED. This blade is durable due to its material and is thus rust-proof. This blade can easily snap onto the trimmer and you can easily replace it to maintain your hygiene and ensure sharpness.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0

As they say, the blade is only good so long as it is backed up by a powerful motor, and the Lawn Mower 3.0 excels at that department as well. With an astonishing 7,000 RPM motor built with their QueitStroke Technology, you won’t feel any tug or pull while shaving your precious parts and it’s almost as silent as the dead blue sea.

Made with an ergonomic design, this trimmer enables your shaving maneuvers in many ways. The slightly curved body is made out of non-slip material that you’ll be able to hold on to firmly with the softest of grips. Since this is a fully waterproof device, it can be used to shave your pubes even under the running water of your shower.

As the power grip will keep you safe from slipping the shaver out of your hand, an additional adjustable guard reinforces safety features even more. This also lets you choose between pubic hair sizes between trimming, and such flexibility is much appreciated in a trimmer particularly made for such purpose.

It’s battery operated and portable, which lets you take it to any place you want. You can charge its powerful Li-Ion 600 mAh battery by placing it on the charging pod that comes with the package. The LED indicator will tell you when it’s fully charged, and you’ll get 90 relentless minutes of runtime that is way more than enough to make your balls as shiny as the surface of an apple.

If anyone says, money can’t buy happiness, then you can hand them over this trimmer, because it surely will put a smile on your face and hopefully, on your partner’s as well.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Body Trimmer & Shaver, BG7030/49

It is impossible to make a list of top pubic hair shaving devices and leave Philips out of it. Their Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 trimmer is a must-try shaver that oozes comfort & convenience when it comes to cleaning your groin region. Highly-effective with the most attractive features, this trimmer is sure to melt your heart.

Coming in a fancy silver body, the Norelco 7000 series shaver features the most unique design. Unlike other trimmers, it has two separate blade heads on each end to fulfill your particular shaving needs with one device! One side of the shaver includes a rotary foil shaver with a 4-directional pivoting head. This removes any skin-blade contact and keeps your balls safe from any accidental cuts or pulls. One stroke shaving is guaranteed with this blade head for your genital region.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

On the other end it features a trimmer containing rounded tips to offer you the highest level of comfort. The self-sharpening steel blades can trim in both directions, and you can use it to remove your dense & thick bushes you’ve been growing for quite some time. With a safety guard, you can choose between 5 adjustable lengths from 3mm to 11mm. If this isn’t called convenience, then what is?

The shaver body is made with a non-slip rubber material that gives you an ergonomic grip which is highly important for contacting your sensitive parts. Such powerful grip allows you supreme grip and control over your shaving actions. Since it’s fully water-resistant, you can take it inside the shower without any worry of leakage or slipping.

A powerful Li-Ion battery is added inside the shaver that guarantees an 80 minute runtime after one hour of charging. It cannot be used while plugged with the charger and has a low-battery indicator feature built into the body. Such flexibility of operating as well as reliability ranks it among the best pubic hair trimmer for men category with ease.

Meridian Electric Body & Pubic Hair Trimmer

Meridian has shocked the shaver market with their uniquely designed and feature-rich pubic hair trimmer. Built with premium materials and having records of achieving higher degree of customer satisfaction, this device looks to replace your previous ones for good. Comfortable to use and generating picture-perfect results, this shaver is a HUGE STEAL in 2023.

Meridian has a knack for aesthetically soothing trimmers, and this groin shaver doesn’t disappoint in this department, as it comes in a unique sage color. They have made it to be lightweight so that you find utmost comfort while operating it, and the comfortable design ensures that you’ll never get tired of holding it tightly. The smooth body made out of polycarbonate shell gives you additional support in wet conditions and increases maneuverability by a huge margin.

Meridian Body And Pubic Hair Trimmer

The shaver head features a replaceable ceramic blade which is specifically made for pubic hair shaving tasks. It spares you from razor burns and skin bumps like other regular shavers would have induced. Extra-sensitive Shaving Technology lets the trimmer run 6,000 strokes per minute, which gives you a smooth operation and saves you a tremendous amount of time. The blades should be replaced every 3 months considering you trim your pubes twice a week. It ensures hygiene and the sharpness of your blades to minimize any accidental tugs or pulls.

With Meridian’s Sensitive Skin Tech, the safety is further enhanced with two trimmer guards that can adjust the length of your pubic region while shaving. The guard prevents knicks as well, giving you the most convenient shaving experience. Since this is water and shock-proof, you can easily take it inside your shower and shave your groins under running water. Cleaning is straightforward as well – you can simply rinse it and store it in your closet.

Overall, this is the most easy-going and good-looking pubic hair trimmer that you can take anywhere with you. It’s so handy that you’ll find your regular trimmers to be a huge burden against its convenience.

The Ballber™ Groin Trimmer for Men by Happy Nuts

If you’ve been complaining about how not a single brand cares about your nuts as much as your partner does, Happy Nuts has heard your cries after the bloody messes and brings you an effective solution that’s going to change your life forever. The Ballber Groin Trimmer is specifically designed for your nut’s safety while shaving the pubes, and generates mind-blowing results while giving you the scratch-free & fresh pair of ballsacks intact from all the actions.

Balber Grion Trimmer For Men

This shaver unit is uniquely designed with a deluxe black finishing and a lightweight body. The ergonomic style makes it convenient for you to reach difficult areas and get the best outcome possible. The dual-sided blade head features two cutting edges that allows you to shave your pubic hair in both directions. The blades are made to be safe for your nuts and it is made possible with a 30-degree pivoting head that follows your wrinkly contour precisely.

This slim, nut-safe device blade lasts up to 6 months based on the frequency of use, and can easily be replaced to retain sharpness. The powerful Ultra Quiet Motor included in the shaver can perform 7,000 RPM, giving you the smoothest of pube-shaving in less than no time. The ergonomic design is properly utilized if you take it inside the shower and realize the strength of its grip. IPX7 rated waterproof certification guarantees that you’ll receive its service both in dry & wet shave and it can easily be cleaned under running water.

The battery of this shaver is an astoundingly large one – it can perform up to 150 minutes relentlessly with a full charge – I bet even you don’t have this much stamina. All things considered, this shaver has the potential to be the best pubic hair trimmer for men and it’ll be worth every penny you spend on it. So don’t wait out and rush down to the store right now, before it gets out of stock in the blink of an eye!

INVJOY Electric Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men

Take your pubic shaving needs to a professional level at your home with the INVJOY pubic hair trimmer that reeks of premium quality from its finishing to all the significant features. Give your testicles the deluxe treat they deserve and yourself the unmatched comfort while shaving your most precious regions. This one trimmer has what it takes to satisfy your groin cleaning needs on all fronts.

NVJOY Pubic Hair Trimmer

INVJOY has designed their trimmer like a professional groomer would treat your pubic region. Featured with advanced ceramic blades, this device significantly reduces the risk of cuts and gives you a silky-smooth experience. It includes an R-shaped design on each side of the blade to prevent any tugs or pull and protects your skin with maximum safety. Your skin won’t feel any sort of irritation after having these blades run through your genital hair and such comfort isn’t available in every other shaving device.

The black and ergonomic body of the trimmer will fill up your hand nicely, offering you strong grip while you perform your shaving obligations. The motor built into this device makes very little noise and a detachable guide comb is included to serve multiple purposes. It can on one hand enhance your safety and on the other gives you the options to choose between trimming size of 3mm & 6mm. You can remove the guard and get all tango on your balls as well, and the safe blades will give you a fine finish without causing you any harm.

This trimmer is IPX7 waterproof certified and can be used under showers for maximum efficiency. Portability is ensured with a battery providing 60 minutes break-free runtime after a 90 minutes charge. The package comes with a USB charging dock that radiates the aura of a supreme touch. Using this trimmer should feel as convenient as having a professional taking utmost care of your man jewels and producing the cleanest outcome. And it’s mesmerizing to see such a top-quality pubic hair trimmer coming at such an affordable price range!

MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, The Lawn Mower™ 4.0

The way your significant other handles your man-parts with utmost care, the Lawn Mower 4.0 treats you with the same degree of tenderness. The upgraded version of MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0, this trimmer has redefined its characteristics through their design and distinct features that focuses on your comfort and convenience. With everything they’ve done with this device, this might just be the best pubic hair trimmer for men you’ll find in the shaver market.

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0

This next-gen MANSCAPED pubic hair trimmer features a rust-proof, snap-in ceramic blade that contains their latest SkinSafe Technology to ensure your skin’s protection. This blade follows the contour of your groin skin perfectly and avoids any sort of accidental cuts or tugs. The blade runs 7,000 RPM with QuietStroke Technology, allowing you to clean your man-parts in the quickest possible time. The blades are replaceable and multiple blades ensure that you can get a smooth and neat shave with only one stroke.

To enhance the safety features, you can snap-on adjustable trimmer guards sized between 1 and 4. These let you choose the desired length of your genital hair and cut through the coarsest of pubes like a knife through butter. It comes with an IPX7 waterproof certification, which means you can submerge it under one meter of clean water for 30 minutes without causing any leakage. This feature allows you to take it inside your shower, rinse it under water and perform wet shave on your testicles and co.

Lawn Mower 4.0 stands out in portability with a gigantic battery life of 90 minutes. This device can be charged on a dock wirelessly and can be carried with you anywhere by securing it with the travel lock feature. The diversely unique and handy features with an ergonomic, stylish design is made for your manhood cleaning needs, and is certain to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Telfun Body Trimmer for Men

Go nuts on your nuts with the Telfun body trimmer for men that is particularly focused on your pubic area. Be it your balls or your pubes, your girlfriend is going to appreciate the effort you’ve put for her in cleaning out your trenches. And only you’ll know how easy it was to have it all neat & cleaned since this trimmer can give you instant results!

Telfun allows you to choose between black and green for this trimmer. The soft, ceramic blades featured in this trimmer are made precisely for your most sensitive parts. This advanced technology will treat your balls so gently that you won’t even feel a thing while it happens. Your safety is Telfun’s prime concern, and it is reflected through their 2 adjustable guide combs that are included in the package.

Telfun Body Trimmer For Men

You can use these guide combs for safety and for choosing a particular length of your groin hair. Telfun claims it’s safe to keep the guard on if you have sensitive skin to mitigate any risk of irritation or cuts. This trimmer is lightweight and is designed in such a way to offer you flexibility over your control in the unreachable spots. It can cut down dense bushes in the matter of seconds without leaving behind any trace of injury.

Telfun trimmer is certified with IPX7 which means cleaning has been made significantly easier. You can take the shaver head off your device and wash it under running water easily. You’re allowed to take it inside your shower as well, should you choose to clean your pubes without making a hairy mess on the floor. This portability is amplified by the Li-Ion battery that lets you trim effortlessly anywhere. The rapid USB charging dock can pump up the battery super-fast and the LED indicator will tell you when it’s ready to serve your man jewels.

In short, this trimmer is an effective device to be used on your groin area. It ensures safety, emits durability and the sleek design – is out of the world. This trimmer comes well-within your budget and will surely meet all of your pubic hair trimming requirements. Date nights will require significantly less time to have you prepared and make your tree look even bigger!

Necessary Features For The Best Pubic Hair Trimmer

Before you buy the next big pubic hair trimmer for your precious area, you must assess your requirements first and align them with the features that are often essential to give you utmost comfort. Scrolling through the following section will briefly give you a complete idea in this regard.

Follows Contour

An ideal pubic hair trimmer should be able to follow the contour of your skin. Admit it, your testicles are more wrinkly than the face of a hundred year old man. Such tricky surfaces demand a trimmer to be delicate and accommodating.

Having trimmers with pivoting heads that can continuously adjust to your skin is a blessing to have. It gives you a high degree of comfort and saves you from accidental mishaps. So it should definitely take place amongst the top of your priority pube shaver features.


Your pubic hair trimmer should be portable. Having a wire continuously attached to your shaver will compromise your ability to maneuver in difficult regions at certain angles.

Also, you’ll be dealing with your pubes here, which can create a mess quite easily. You’d want to remain in a safe zone while performing such an operation so that cleaning becomes one less trouble for you.

Portability means a good battery life as well, so that it doesn’t die on you in the middle of your shaving process. With a smaller battery, you’d have to wait another hour with your half-shaved balls just so you can finish what you’d started.

Ergonomic Design

Imagine having your trimmer slip out of your hand while you’re performing a delicate operation on your most precious stones. The drama and pain it can cause is incomprehensible, and imagining it is enough to give us a scare for life, let alone it occurring in real life.

So, your complete pubic hair trimmer should most definitely come with an ergonomic design. It’ll allow you a firm grip on the device and let you shave at such angles that you’d never imagined before. Be it inside your shower or outside, a solid design can cut down on risk and time by a significant margin.


Pubic Trimmer Necessary Features

The best pubic hair trimmer for men should be waterproof, preferable with a certification by any standard rating system. Having such shower-friendly device can offer you a multitude of conveniences.

Mainly, you’ll be able to take your shaver into your shower without any concern of leakage. Even if you don’t you’ll still be allowed to perform wet shaves with foam or gel on your genital region.

As an addition, cleaning will be much easier with a waterproof trimmer. You can directly rinse your blades under water and even wash the entire shaver unit with no prime concern whatsoever. See how far modern technology has brought us in terms of efficiency!

Skin-Safe Blades

The material of blades your trimmer uses is also a very important aspect for your pubic hair shaver. While ceramic blades are relatively safer for skin and steel blades last longer, it becomes a matter of preference in the end, but it is wiser to make a choice after knowing every aspect.

Also, blade types are important as well. Tooth blades perform well with longer pubes and foil blades can capture shorter ones without making any skin to blade contact. So you must assess your situation first before making your commitment.

Good shavers come with multiple types of blade in one unit, sparing you the cost of buying separate devices for your pubic hair trimming needs. This, paired with a powerful motor saves you from any sort of tugs, nicks and accidental cuts, making your life painless and much easier than before.


Here we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding pubic hair trimming for men to give you a comprehensive idea that’ll help you in the long run.

Q: Is trimming pubic hair good for men?

A: It is generally a matter of choice. Keeping your pubes won’t cause you any harm, but trimming them will provide your pubic region a breathing space and decrease chances of sweat & bacterial infections.

Q: Is it better to trim or shave pubic hair?

A: It depends on what you’re going for. Generally, trimming is easier since it doesn’t make any contact with your skin, but shaving with an ideal shaver will give you a clean outcome without causing your skin any irritation.

Q: What length should men trim pubic hair?

A: Generally, you should trim your pubic hair down to 1mm to 3mm size, but it can vary depending on what you’re going for.

Q: Are trimmers good for balls?

A: Not all trimmers are good for balls. Some can be truly harmful and cause serious injuries. This is one of the major reasons to get specialized trimmers that’ll look after your balls with genuine care.


This marks the concluding point of this article, and now it’s time for a verdict from our experts. You must note that all of the trimmers mentioned above have their own distinct features to serve and protect your family jewels and their neighbors, and mostly it is preferential to your certain needs.

But if we must pick one to stand out a little more than the rest, we’d pick the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000. This device gives you a trimmer and a shaver in one body, and such a two-in-one aspect will eliminate the need of having two separate types of shavers.

Also, rotary foil shavers work significantly well on testicles and mitigate chances of accidental cuts. Considering all the features necessary for pubic hair trimming, build-quality and price-point, our experts think it’ll generally cater to your groin region in the best possible way.

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