Which Is The Best Back Shaver In 2023? Our 7 Favorite Choices

Shaving your back is a choice of lifestyle that is consistently growing among men with superior taste, and having the best back shaver to achieve such a feat would be like a cherry on top of a smoothly shaved body.

Where your regular shaver may fail to deliver your expected result or create all sorts of difficulties during your shaving process, the best back shaver will give you a high level of comfort and convenience that you would never feel with other shavers.

Our article guides you through the doorway of some of the best back hair shavers for men and explores the features that are necessary for a smooth and untethered back shaving. Scroll all the way down till the end to learn everything you need to know and come out with the most comfortable back shaving device that you never knew you needed!

Back Shaving Challenges With Regular Shavers

Back Shaving Challenges

Before you dive into buying a new back shaver, you might wonder why you need a specialized shaver for your back. We’ll tell you the reasons your regular shaver isn’t good enough and the ways a shaver designed specifically to shave your back can ease all sorts of troubles caused by shavers that weren’t meant to be used on your back.

What Are The Difficulties With Regular Shavers?

First and foremost, your regular shavers come with a very short handle, which renders it impossible for you to reach your back easily and accurately. You’ll end up asking for someone else’s help, or even worse, getting yourself nicks & cuts while trying to do it yourself.

Also, regular shavers won’t have the angular versatility, and you’ll have to shave at precise angles to get the best results and tire your hands in the process. And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get the level of comfort and neatness of shaving on your back with shavers that weren’t built for such a purpose.

Best Men’s Back Shaver To The Rescue!

When you’re regularly facing such back shaving difficulty, the best back shaver can ease your pain in more than one way. These specialized shavers are designed specifically for such occasions and are guaranteed to give you utmost comfort while shaving your back.

Taking a look at the features of some of the most prominent back shavers below will help you understand better the convenience and efficiency you had been missing out on all these time.

Choose The Best Back Hair Shaver From Our Top 7 Picks

After having a thorough investigation into the back shaver market and numerous trials & errors, our experts have selected 7 of the best back shavers that are certain to give you the optimum outcome and the most convenient shaving experience.


MANGROOMER brings you the most effective device for men with their ULTIMATE PRO shaver that answers to all your prayers regarding the best back shaver out on the market. This back shaver is designed to provide comfort and is featured with technologies that are high-needed for your back shaving purpose.

The ULTIMATE PRO back shaver comes in two colors of black & red and weighs significantly light at only a pound! It features the most unique and patented ergonomic handle which is extendable and reaches the most extreme distances. You can increase the length as much as you want because the PRO XL Extension Lock Button on the handle will secure your selected extension in place.

While the hexagonal handle will offer you the highest level of control in your back shaving operation, the new Power Hinge included in this shaver has an Easy Push Lock Button that can rotate and lock-in at up to 135 degrees angle. You can fold it when you’re not using it to save you significant storage space. Such unique features will never let you ask for someone else’s help anymore when you shave your back!

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

This back shaver features 2 interchangeable blades made with stainless steel. Both of these blades are designed to follow your contour with their Shock Absorber Flex Necks that are multi-functional. It has also introduced a Power Burst button that’ll give you a boost in blade’s motor and allow you to shave through thick hair patches.

One of the blades is a unique ultra-wide 1.8” shaver that can chop through the densest and coarsest of hair. This wide blade can cover a broad area and give you a superfast back shave and is specifically designed for longer back hair removal.

The second blade is a foil blade which is hypoallergenic, it means you won’t trigger any allergic reaction and feel no irritation after shaving with it. This is meant for shaving shorter back hair and regular maintenance, which will give you the smoothest of results in the most comfortable manner. The foil blade is bi-directional, which enables you to operate the shaver at any angle or direction you may want.

This back shaver features a rechargeable battery which renders this device portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere and perform your shaving operation at any angle. The battery can last up to 3-4 years and it takes 6-8 hours to fully charge from zero. The shaver body includes LED indicators of green and red to tell you where you are in your charging progress.

Overall, this is a complete back shaver that many often dream to have. MANGROOMER has most certainly delivered it both in terms of quality and performance – only to give you superior control and comfort during your back shaving process.

baKblade 2.0 Plus – Back Shaver for Men

baKblade introduces their one of a kind architecture for shaving your back and it has the potential to be the best back shaver you may ever come across. This Edison Award Winner shaver is one of the straightforward back shavers in the list and if you don’t prefer fancy technology to interfere with your shaving needs, then this is THE product to have in your arsenal.

The baKblade 2.0 Plus comes only in black and is super lightweight, around 0.5 pounds. It features their patented DRYGlide system that runs smoothly over your skin while removing the thickest of your unwanted back hair. The safety blade model ensures that your skin will receive no injury or nicks even if you tried to cut yourself and maximize the full potential of your shaving operation.

Bakblade 2.0 Plus Back Shaver

The shaver head contains a removable blade cartridge that holds 2 blades at the same time. Dual blades ensure that you get the smoothest of shaves in the fastest possible time. The shaver head is 4” wide and covers a very wide area that makes your shaving highly efficient and convenient. The blades are easily replaceable which guarantees you’ll get sharp blades at all times and get a sleekly shaved back out of it.

The handle is a very specially designed one consisting of an ergonomic EasyGrip technology. This ensures it won’t slip out of your hand no matter how diverse of an angle you choose for your shaving. Since it can easily shave both wet and dry, having such a grip is a big advantage when you’ll be shaving in wet conditions.

The handle reaches 18” when completely unfolded, which guarantees that you’ll reach areas like your lower back and farther quite easily. Once you have this, you won’t be needing your significant other to help you out for shaving the hard to reach areas of your back. The handle locks in place with a secure lock and can only be retracted with a push button. This makes storage and carrying much easier.

Since it’s completely manual and includes no motor whatsoever, you won’t be bothered with tracking its battery and charging needs. There would be no moving area on the blades that could cause tugs or pulls. This makes cleaning simple as well, since you can directly wash it under running water with no fear of having your motors jammed.

This is one of the most straightforward back shavers you’ll ever find that speaks nothing but simplicity. Despite being this simple, it can give you the finest of back shaves effectively and keep your skin as smooth as it can be.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500, BG5025/49

The Norelco Bodygroom Series from Phillips is a top of the line shaver that has multi-functional abilities that takes it beyond an average back shaver. This may be the best back shaver for men due to its versatility and deluxe design with an unmatched shaving capacity that’ll satisfy you in more than one way.

The way Philips has designed this shaver will make you fall in love with it at first glance. It comes in silver with a weight of 0.97 pounds. It features a unique shaver head that has a foil rotating blade on the center and trimming blades on each side. Such blades let you perform every type of shaving on your back without having to swap out the blades.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500

The foil blade is skin-friendly with rounded tips, which guarantee a clean back shave every time without causing any nicks or cuts. The foil blade can remove your hair without making any contact with your skin and can effectively follow the contour of your skin. This feature makes shaving difficult areas without clear vision easier than ever!

The detachable blade cartridge is easy to clean, as you can simply remove it and rinse it under running water. The shaving kit comes with 3 body guards of 3 mm, 5 mm and 9 mm, allowing you to shave your body at certain lengths. The guards stick tightly to the shaver head making your back shaves more safe than ever! This shaver can cater to your every body grooming needs as it isn’t solely a back shaver, but also a body shaver.

And the major feature of this shaver is the extra-long ergonomic attachment with maximum traction for shaving at diverse angles. The best part for this is, it is detachable! If you don’t want to use it on your back, then you can only use the shaver unit to clean other parts of your body. You have to move it slowly to get the better result out of it. A fast-charging lithium-ion battery will give you support for 1 hours straight with only 1 hour of charge!

This shaver is completely waterproof which makes it possible for you to take inside your shower and apply thorough washing. The Bodygroom 3500 is an ideal choice for your back shaving needs considering all the features and attachments along with the comfort of shaving it offers. And in the end, you’ll see a cleanly shaved body in your mirror that is sure to charm all the ladies out there!

MicroTouch Titanium TRIM Body Groomer

MicroTouch gives you one of their most popular shavers for your back that is a strong contender to be the best back shaver currently available. A wide array of features in a single shaver unit which comes at a highly affordable price range renders this too good to be true to exist!

MicroTouch has created the body of this shaver to look classy and premium. The ergonomic grip lets you have extensive control over your shaver while running it on your back. This all-rounder shaver can function as a hair & beard trimmer as well with the 5 attachments included in the package. 4 trimming guides range from 1/4″ to 1”, and a blade guard that you can snap on easily for a trim very close to your skin.

Micro Touch Titanium Body Groomer

Apart from a safe trim that doesn’t damage your skin in any way, the blades are able to rev at 200 RPM, upholding it as a beast performer through your dense and coarse back hair. The blades are micro-polished stainless steel with a coat of titanium. It increases the longevity and removes any chance of rust, so you can keep using it for the longest possible time.

Unlike most other back shavers, this one from MicroTouch comes with a built-in extendable arm that can stretch up to 2”. It’ll help you reach places that would generally be unreachable by regular shavers and would demand you to call for help for better access. But with this, you’ll be able to get the smoothest shave super fast and perform shaving at the most diverse angles with 90° off-set blades.

MicroTouch has made this shaver to be portable by removing a cord and running it with 2 AA batteries for long shaving sessions. All things considered, the precision of shaving, level of comfort and flexibility of shaving your back as well as trimming your hair – these never come in a single shaver at such an affordable price range. Our experts guarantee that it’ll be worth every penny you spend and perform twice as much leaving you highly satisfied and unwanted hair-free.

Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer

Remington is one of the highly revered body shaver producers who succeeds in delivering yet again with their Shortcut Pro back shaver. Built with the most authentic and eye-catching design, this Remington unit has got everything it takes to sit on the throne for the best back shaver in the shaver market.

This particular unit of shaver is uniquely designed in a travel size that weighs 1.3 pounds. The shaver itself is quite handy, features an ergonomic grip that fits in your hand perfectly and minimizes every risk of having it slip out from your hand. This shaver unit is attached to the extendable curved handle that comes with the package that’ll help you reach the most difficult portions of your back with much convenience.

Remngton Pro Body Groomer BHT6455FF

The Trim/Shave Technology featured in this shaver can trim your back hair down to the size of 0.2 mm, making it one of the most efficient back shavers you’ll ever come across. The result of shaving with it is smooth and you’ll achieve the cleanest of looks while roaming around shirtless.

Remington has designed the blades in this shaver to be extra-wide, about 60% wider than their usual timer blades. The dual sided blades of the shaver leave no hair left uncut and makes your shaving operation significantly shorter. It comes with 5 guide combs ranging from 2 mm to 12 mm to offer you diverse shaving at your desired length. Who said you need multiple shavers when you can do everything with one!

This shaver incorporates Remington’s WETech waterproof technology that makes it completely shower-friendly and makes cleaning significantly easier under running water. The lithium-ion battery included in the shaver allows for portable use and it can run for 40 relentless minutes with a full charge. This along with universal voltage marks this shaver the most convenient choice to carry while traveling.

Overall, this back shaver from Remington has made this to fit in your hand perfectly, get the most effective shaving outcome while maximizing portability potential. The 6 length settings along with the handle with proper grip makes it a multi-faceted shaver that’ll give you prime outcomes. And don’t forget, it comes with blade oil and a cleaning brush too to spare you the smallest bits of trouble!

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

If you’re wondering you’ve seen ‘em all, think again, because Razorba has been dominating the market for around two decades with their unique device that might just be the best back shaver possible. An award winning device featured in NY Times, Maxim and many other prominent magazines seeks to solve all of your back shaving problems with the smartest of solutions.

Weighing around 0.59 pounds, this lightning blue shaving device is something you’ve never seen before. This is effectively a shaver handle that lets you plug in an external razor of your choice. The handle, Razorba Guy, features an ergonomic design with rubber grip that guarantees complete traction and control even in wet conditions.

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

It comes with a special GOAT shaver which is 4.5” wide, ensuring faster shaving time and effective hair removal. Double blade made with Japanese steel, it gives you risk free back shaves with a layer of aloe comfort strip over the blades. A rubberized handle holds it firmly inside the Razorba Guy and gives you fast & convenient shaving any day of the week.

This device is so easy to use that it can become your permanent investment with no maintenance at all. A low cost solution to your back shaving problems requires a one time purchase and you won’t be bothered with issues like charging the battery or carrying charging cables.

A straightforward & patented design won all the hearts of the users and Razorba has made it capable of using razors other than their own. It is compatible with any regular razors from Gillette or similar and can reduce your back shaving cost & effort down to a minimum level. Since your back hair isn’t so strong as your beard, shaving with such razors has proven to be effective while giving you the maximum outcome.

No matter what you say, in the end, simplicity conquers all. So if you already have an electric shaver for your face and don’t want to store another unit of electric shaver just for shaving your back, you can directly purchase this Razorba device and receive a clean shave with a razor of your choice – be that a special Gillette one or a cheap disposable.

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Highlight your muscle tones and look at your cleanly shaved beautiful back after a shave with the MANGROOMER DIY unit, which might just be the best back shaver you’ll find anywhere in the world. This device takes back shaving comfort to such a level that very few shavers at this price range can match.

The silver body of this shaver may look like your kid’s toy at first glance, but the effectiveness it generates is anything but. Weighing only 0.6 pounds, this extremely handy shaving device is made out of a patented design from MANGROOMER. This sleek and compact design has made it a favorite across all of its users due to its portability and ease of use.

Mangroomer Do It Yourself Back Shaver

This shaver features extra-wide blades of 1.5” and covers a wider area at every glide. This allows for faster shaving with a smooth result. The cutting-edge technology of the blades renders it capable of self-sharpening and giving you a very close shave effortlessly. The blades are hypoallergenic which removes any risk of allergic reactions, cuts or pulls.

These blades can shave any size of your back hair at the most diverse angles without causing any irritation. This blade requires no water or foam for its shaving operation and saves you tons of time as well as effort. Another speciality of these blades is that they don’t cause any ingrown hair, which is a common problem for shaving your back.

The shaver head is joined with an adjustable handle and it helps you reach any difficult area, starting from your upper back all the way down to your waistline. This handle can be unfolded for extension at a throbbing angle of 135 degrees which is simply an ideal angle for shaving your back. It gives you over two feet in length and the extendable handle locks in place keeping it secure and giving you full control over it.

It is a travel friendly back shaver that easily opens, is quick to use, highly affordable and can be folded back to fit in your luggage. The portability is reinforced by battery-powered blades and requires 2AA batteries to get the maximum benefit out of it. Whether you want to shave your back to impress your date, or to follow a regular clean shaving routine, this device performs overall significantly well in every department and gives you the most impressive back shave.

Must Have Features For Best Back Shaver For Men

You must be wondering what are the most essential qualities of the best back shaver and want to ensure your next purchase has got it all. Our experts have listed down these must-have features below for you to precisely understand your needs and get the most out of your new shaver to be bought.

Handle Type

Back Shaver Handle Type

Having an extended handle is highly essential for the best back shaver. Without it, you won’t be able to reach your mid to lower back region with your shaver head, and it would simply serve as your regular shaver. An added bonus would be to have the extended handle to be retracted, folded or removed for portability and traveling purpose. An ergonomic grip will ensure that you have maximum control while running sharp blades on your back.

Shaving At Difficult Angles

Not all shavers can perform at diverse angles, as some tend to be rigid and unmovable. You must pick a back shaver that features a flex head, a pivoting head or anything that is able to follow the contour of your skin even when you’re shaving at a difficult angle. This ensures efficiency of your efforts and results in a clean shave with no hair patches left behind.

Safe Shaving

This is another important feature that you should be looking for in the best back shaver. Since you’d be shaving without clear vision, it is essential that your blades are safe or are attached with a safety guard. Otherwise you might end up with painful cuts and nicks that can have you rush to your first aid kit. Also, hypoallergenic blades enhance your safety as it guarantees you no allergic reaction or shaving based irritation.


To reach your most difficult regions at your back, you must rotate your hands and make continuous motions until you get a cleanly shaved back. For such a difficult action, it is very necessary that your shaver is lightweight. Having to do such a straining act with a heavy shaver will end up giving you muscle cramps and make you lose interest in continuing it regularly. So, your best back shaver must weigh significantly less for maximum comfort.


To give you a comprehensive idea about your back shaving, our experts have answered a few of the commonly asked questions on the internet.

Q: Is shaving your back a good idea?

A: This is completely preferential so there’s nothing good or bad about it. If you feel shaving your back will make you look good, then go for it. Just make sure it doesn’t trigger any allergic reaction on your skin.

Q: How often should I shave my back?

A: It depends on your hair growth and the type of hair you may have. Generally shaving once a week is ideal for keeping a cleanly shaved back.

Q: Can I use my beard trimmer for shaving my back?

A: No, you shouldn’t. Because these won’t give you the comfort and effective result that a specialized back shaver may give you. It is also not hygienic.

Final Thoughts

Back shaving is a difficult endeavor itself, and finding the best back shaver simply adds to that difficulty. We hope that our article will help you in the process of assessing which back shaver feels the best fitting for you, and then select one from our top choices.

No matter which back shaver you choose from our list, we can guarantee that it’ll do you good as all of these are highly capable of giving you a fine shave with the minimum effort. These are overall products that are verified by users & experts, and they are sure to serve you well for the longest time.

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