The Multiple Underrated Benefits of Not Shaving Pubic Hair

Shaving your hair down there is a rather common activity amongst today’s world. It allows one to not only get rid of the excess weight one’s pubes contain, but also leaves one with clean and clear skin, which is a feeling very few can mimic.

In contrast, due to the enormous amount of benefits one unlocks by trimming or even shaving their bush down there, the activity of not shaving is rather frowned upon and done rather infrequently as opposed to its counterpart. In fact, according to studies, around 75 percent of women and 90 percent of men take part in the act of manscaping. Amongst the 75 percent of women, 60 percent chop it all off, while more than 50 percent amongst the 90 percent of men opt for a Brazilian.

Today’s article will comprise every benefit of not shaving your pubic hair and why one should avoid touching the razor more often than not.

In addition to promoting the act of not shaving the garden down there, the write-up will also consist of common concerns related to not shaving pubic hair, and our final take on the activity, which will be placed in the second half.

Till then, we hope you stick around and are able to acquire more knowledge on why growing it out down there is tremendously advantageous.

Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Pubes So Often

In addition to the hairless visuals one attains, the satisfying feeling of running a razor around the pubes is a big incentive to why people take part in shaving the pubes. However, they often fail to recognize the benefits of being on the other end of the spectrum, which involves letting the hair grow.

Furthermore, while shaving pubic hair brings to the table multiple advantages, it also comes with unbearably painful cons that are often difficult to shy away from.

Moving on, here are the crucial reasons why you should definitely let the razor down on a regular basis.

Shaving Causes Irritations and Cuts

Shaving Causes Irritations And Cuts

While the blades are effective at getting rid of the bush indefinitely, when used restlessly, razors might leave major cases of inconvenience. Relying on the sharpness of a razor blade isn’t the brightest idea to go with, especially if it’s applied on the pubic region.

Due to the sensitivity the pubic region contains, a razor might leave minor cuts and nicks when it’s used directly onto the area, which can be extremely painful to deal with.

While the injuries do tend to disappear within 3 days and can be prevented by using the protection of a shaving foam or gel, all of this hassle can easily be avoided if one chooses to let the hair grow.  

Hair Grows Back Quickly

Pubic Hair Grows Back Quickly Aftter Shaving

A razor is extremely effective if one’s main aim is to make their pubic region hair-free and trouble-free, but the feeling of being completely hairless down there might be short lived. This is because, while the razor is extremely useful and an affordable equipment to use, it only removes the hair strands that are present on the surface of the skin; not the entire hair cuticle. Users might be met with disappointment as a result, since they will eventually see the bush grow back in the span of 3 days or even less!

More prone to Infection

Prone to Infection

Being clean down there comes with a price. While the surface remains clean, one also exposes the pubic region to multiple minor and major infections. A lot of them can be attained when making physical contact with the skin of another while the rest can be obtained through factors such as the weather condition, the fabric of clothing that surrounds the area, and so on.

In addition, the viruses can either impact one’s internal organs, or present themselves by causing a series of physical pain to one’s pubic region as well as other parts of their body.

Incorporating The Use of Dull Blades

More often than not, when taking part in the act of shaving, people seem to use an old razor in an attempt to entertain their lazier habits and save some bank notes at the same time. However, they often let go of the harmful repercussions that one achieves through the use of a dull razor. One of the many drawbacks that dull blades bring to the table is major cuts and bruises.

As a dull blade tends to be substantially sharper than that of a new one, when used on an area as sensitive as the pubic region, one can definitely increase the risk of obtaining injuries that might require immediate medical attention.

The Pros Of Growing Out Your Bush

If the previous segment didn’t encourage you to start your bushy journey, then this section surely will! Contrary to popular belief, growing your pubic hair is just as healthy as shaving it. Apart from the difference between each option’s visuals, the features and health benefits both actions tend to unlock are almost identical!

Moving on, while it could be an odd habit to get used to at first, here are the jaw-dropping benefits to growing pubic hair and why you should definitely start your journey today!

A consistent body temperature

Shaving your pubic hair can irregulate the body temperature you have, especially when seasons change. While it is an excellent choice to ditch your razor to battle the cold days of winter, it’s also just as useful to ditch it indefinitely as consistent hair growth around the pubic temperature tends to keep your lower body warm and cozy.

Protection from unwanted diseases

Keeping the floof around your pubic region is also an excellent way of battling against infectious bacterias. It tends to keep away the troubles of ingrown hair, razor bumps, acne, and even unfortunate diseases such as STI, which could be a big incentive for many that are active. The bush does it by blocking the potentially harmful particles that may arise when being in contact with a harmful fabric, person, or even a dull razor blade.

Is just as hygienic as its counterpart

Over the past few decades, many have cited the difference between the hygienic factors of the counterpart when asked about why they tend to take part in the act of shaving. However, no study supports that claim.

In fact, growing out pubic hair is just as healthy and exceptionally hygienic as opposed to shaving it with a razor. It tends to supply the pubic region with moisture, which is usually eliminated indefinitely when the hair is removed.

Apart from the pro mentioned above and protecting the wearer from harmful bacteria, it also makes the region less sweaty and defends it against clothing items made with unfavorably tight fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

The feeling of growing pubic hair after weeks or months of shaving it on a regular basis might feel uncomfortable. It might also leave them with questions regarding pubic hair, which is when this section comes in. Listed below are some queries regarding pubic hair that we have addressed effectively and in a simple manner.

Is it healthy to not shave pubic hair?

As mentioned earlier, not shaving pubic hair brings multiple health benefits to the table. Some of them include providing protection against bacteria, allowing the area to retain moisture, protecting it from nicks and bruises, and so on.  

How fast does pubic hair grow?

When all is said and done, the pubic region grows the same amount of hair that any other body part does. It isn’t any faster either, as it tends to grow 1cm of hair every 3 weeks.

Is it necessary to shave pubic hair?

Going hairless isn’t necessary, but it could be a valid option for those that are trying to battle against body odor, excessive amounts of sweat, and replace the current visuals of the pubic region with a cleaner presence.

Bottom Line

All in all, at the end of the day, the act of shaving pubic hair as well as growing it out are subjective. This means that it depends on the preference of the person. In simpler words, if hygiene is a crucial part of your life, and shaving your pubes makes you feel more confident in your own skin, you are more than welcome to take part in the act of shaving your pubic hair. However, instead of using razor blades, you should definitely look into the alternatives, which involves trimming and using hair removal cream. For more information, you can definitely check out our write-ups on pubic hair trimmers and best hair removal items for manscaping.

On the other hand, if you want to ditch the grooming kit indefinitely, and grow a goatee with your pubes, you’re more than welcome to do so. Not only is it an excellent choice for your wallet, but also a smart choice for your body due to the number of injuries you’ll be missing out on.

Furthermore, if you do select the latter, make sure to clean the area frequently to get rid of the build-up of dirt and residue. Failing to do so might make the area itchy, and could also open doors for pubic lice.

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