Benefits and Drawbacks of Manscaping: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

While it was essential for a man to embrace their manliness through the density of their hair decades ago, the stance is often met with an open-minded approach these days, prioritizing cleanliness just as much.

Manscaping is the act of shaving one’s body through the use of tools like razors, trimmers, and waxing strips. Although it was considered a more feminine trait and was frowned upon years ago, it definitely aids to a good first impression these days and is welcomed with open arms by most.

Moreover, the activity can bless an average man with multiple benefits, but can also bring to the table multiple drawbacks, which will be the main topic of this write-up. In this article, we will be discussing why manscaping can either make or break a man, the pros and cons the activity comprises, and essentials that will definitely contribute to our readers’ decision making process.

Manscaping: The Pros

Manscaping Pros

Manscaping is often praised for how it enhances the appearance of a man. Indeed, trimming off the excessive body hair does favor those with a lean build by adding more definition to their muscles.

Also, manscaping is a great way of fighting back against the humidity of summertime. Getting rid of the bulk will not only make one feel lighter, but will also adapt to disadvantageous weather conditions by keeping the body temperature cool.

Moving on, here are the advantages that manscaping introduces to a person’s life.

1. It boosts confidence

Cleanliness is directly related to confidence. Just like that, manscaping allows a man to feel more positive about himself. A clean body results in a cleaner mind, and a cleaner mind is always healthier as opposed to that of a cynical one.

Moreover, when you look good, you feel good. Manscaping allows one to put their best foot forward and bring out the best version of himself.

2. Decreases body odor

Hygiene can make or break an impression. One with a hairy physique might accumulate more sweat, resulting in more odor. Although the unpleasant smell might work wonders on Opposite Day, it won’t do much if your main aim is to impress the crowd.

Incorporate manscaping to your routine and trim the bulk off your chest, literally! Not only will you feel lighter, but you’ll also smell more like your suave perfume instead of your neighbor’s wet dog.

3. Encourages an organized lifestyle

Men who regularly partake in grooming and manscaping not only look better, but also look as if they’ve got their lives together from a spectator’s perspective. This is because the process of manscaping requires a lot of care, and attention. It is also a healthy form of self-care, a trait that makes a man rather appealing.

4. Controls the clamminess

This is for those that drench in their own sweat. Climate change isn’t easy to adapt to for us. Winter requires us to battle dryness and dehydration, whereas summer triggers our body heat, making us sweat one pool at a time. This is when manscaping does its trick.

While manscaping is an activity that will get better with practice, it will most definitely get rid of excessive body wool, which will prevent us from sweating profusely as a result. So, save yourself and your new resort shirt. Invest in a shaver and shaving foam, and get into manscaping today!

5. Adds more definition to the muscles

Working out is addictive, and when the right routine is followed, results are inevitable. They are also just as noticeable, but are almost invisible when people embrace their “manliness” by growing out their body hair.

Trimming the body hair will not only allow them to keep track of their physical gains, but will also enhance each body part and make every progress seem more significant than it actually is. This will not only make a man feel more confident, but will simultaneously allow them to present themselves more openly to the public, which can definitely improve first impressions.

6. It feels better overall

Manscaping not only improves one’s physical appearance, but it also improves their mental health. It makes a man feel lighter, amps up their confidence, and makes them feel cleaner. Not partaking in this activity often results in being in a body full of hair, sweat, and eventually, tears.

Manscaping makes one’s body feel smoother and silkier, which makes them feel good about themselves more often than not, making this one of the better benefits on this list.

Manscaping: The Cons

Cons of Manscaping


Every action would feel unusual without a reaction. Similarly, an activity would feel rather suspicious if it doesn’t come with a fair share of disadvantages.

Though manscaping is great for one’s self-esteem, it comes with a price. Taking part in that activity might require one to clear up their schedule, and take a chunk out of their savings to ensure safety, which aren’t always as easy as they sound.

Regardless, here are the most common disadvantages one needs to look out for when incorporating manscaping into their daily routine.

1. It’s time consuming

If you’re planning on participating in manscaping for the first time, make sure it’s during the weekend. Shaving your whole body thoroughly will take an ample amount of time, unless you’re going for a trim. They need to incorporate the use of multiple tools, and shave each and every body part in a separate method. Failing to do so might result in uneven strands of hair on the body, which might decrease the appeal of a person.

2. Not being careful comes with a price

Being careful is necessary when manscaping. This is because some of our body parts are more sensitive as opposed to most, and might require a more careful approach with a lenient equipment. Treating every part equally and being careless might result in cuts that might be easily treatable, or severe enough for you to pay a visit to the ER.

3. It’s not always an ice-breake

While manscaping is known for boosting one’s esteem, it won’t always work in your favor if your main aim is to impress. Everyone’s taste is different. Some might be moved by a nicely groomed man, whereas some might not make a big fuss about it.

This is one of the reasons why one needs to prioritize their own feelings regarding manscaping before taking into account the thoughts of another.

4. Go big or go home

Another drawback of manscaping is how expensive it is. Even though it seems simple when talked about, one needs to purchase a set of tools before taking part in the art of manscaping. They need an electric shaver, a hair trimmer, multiple shaped razors, and shaving foam to carry out the basic activities. They might also need to invest in aftershave to keep the razor bumps away from their body.

5. It is high maintenance

Another reason why people are often hesitant about adding manscaping to their routine is because of the complexity behind the activity’s aftercare. While shaving your whole body will make you feel lighter, and more confident, taking care of the hairless skin on the regular will be compulsory.

To become eligible for this activity, however, you might need to invest in a good moisturizer, a body scrub, a moisturizing body wash, and petroleum jelly. Doing so will allow your skin to stay healthy and hydrated. This will allow the skin to grow healthy hair and prevent the chances of ingrown hair strands.

Final Thoughts

Although the benefits that come with manscaping outnumber the cons it contains, the final decision shouldn’t only be based on these factors.

While we are in favor of manscaping due to how much it improves the hygiene and self-confidence that one has, it shouldn’t be imposed on any person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Similarly, one should only be open to manscaping if it allows them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Hopping on the bandwagon for the sake of the trend will only prevent oneself from the uniqueness that they hold.

Moreover, if you are hesitant because of the disadvantages, know that they come with a set of solutions. In short, using a moisturizer after every manscaping session will definitely control cuts and prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

All in all, manscaping is a choice, not an option. It should only be incorporated if the person is content with the results and ready to fight against the set of drawbacks manscaping comes with.

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